Øvre Sund

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At Øvre Sund, you live close to everything in our new, fresh student housing. All rooms and apartments are of a good standard and have their own bathroom.

Welfare Hosts

About the buildings:

The student accommodation at Øvre Sund was completed for the start of term in 2017 and won the Drammen City Building Quality Award in 2018!

Øvre Sund consist of 243 housing units in three buildings: Domi, Tutus and Unitas.

The names are Latin, and was selected after a competition among the students in Drammen. Domi means "home", Tutus means "safe" and Unitas means "unity".

Domi and Unitas are environmentally friendly and forward-looking buildings, constructed in solid wood according to a passive house standard. In your shared kitchen in Domi and Unitas you will find a Quooker, where you get boiling water (110 °C) directly from the faucet.

All residents living in single units has their own, private fridge and kitchen cabinet in the shared kitchen.

In Domi you will find three couples apartments and 27 single units with private bathrooms and kitchens, as well as single units with private bathrooms with shared kitchens for 10, 11, 14 and 15 tenants.

In Unitas there are single units with private bathrooms and shared kitchens for 14 or 15 tenants.

Tutus was built in 2012 and has a good, modern standard. The building consists of spacious apartments.

All units and indoors common areas are non smoking 

Some units are facilitated for handicapped. Read more about adaptation for disabilities.

There is a large room for bicycle parking on the ground floor, where you can store your bicycle as well as washing and repairing it.

There is one elevator in each building.

The student accommodation is located on the opposite bank of the river from Papirbredden Knowledge Park. With the Ypsilon bridge over the river, residents only have a few minutes' walk to campus.

The buildings have large common outdoor areas with grass and plants. A public playground is located at the outskirts of the outdoor area.

There are two HC-parking lots for cars, but no more spaces reserved for the student housings. Because of the proximity to the emergency room's ambulance entrance, it is of high importance not to park incorrectly by the student housings.

You´ll find one shared laundry room on the ground floor of Tutus for residents in this building, as well as a shared laundry room on the ground floor of Domi. This is available for all residents in Domi and Unitas. The laundry in Domi has washing machines with dosing systems for detergent, which means that you do not have to bring your own detergent.

Read more about using the laundry room / appWash here.

Storage rooms are located on the lower floor of Unitas, where all storage rooms are marked with room numbers. Use the basement entrance to access the storage rooms. 

  • Waste igloos for Domi / Unitas (buried tanks) are located at the main entrance to Domi.
  • Waste bins for Tutus can be found in the waste shed at the entrance. Code for the door lock is: 1258 #.

Remember to sort your waste!


Storage rooms overview pdf Floor Plan Domi pdf Floorplan Tutus 1-3 pdf Floor plan Unitas U-4 etg pdf