Breisås 2

From 4270 kr

At Breisås 2 you will find five houses surrounded by the forest, only 1.5 km from USN Campus Bø.

Welfare Host

Thomas Valderhaug

+4798115722 [email protected]

About Breisås 2:

The student housing at Breisås 2 was built in 1991. Here you live surrounded by the tranquility of the forest and can strap on your skis right outside the front door.

The building contains:

  • 18 single units with shared bathroom and kitchen. Two and two residents share (the rooms are 12-13.5 sqm).
  • 12 couples apartments (37-43 sqm).

Electricity is included in the rent. 

Think of the environment - help us to save electricity!

The student accommodation is located 1.5 km from campus.

Attractive outdoor areas. Feel free to use any outdoor furniture, but show consideration for your neighbours when using the outdoor areas. Always put the furniture back in its place and wipe the outdoor table after use. Pick up paper and other waste so the outdoor areas remain attractive. 

Parking is available nearby the student accommodation and is free of charge. Your bicycle can be parked outside the buildings or inside lockable stalls belonging to the different buildings. Remember private lock to avoid theft of your bike!

Each house has a laundry room with washing machine and a drying cupboard. Use of the laundry room is included in the rent/free of charge.

Each house has an outdoor, common storage room.

Recycling station with boxes for sorting, labelled in English and Norwegian. Every kitchen must have bio bags for organic waste and boxes for paper/cardboard, glass, metal and residual waste. Remember to recycle!


The property has electricity as an energy source. Electricity is included in the rent.

Think of the environment - help us saving energy! 

Fire alarm system

Cable in wall - two ports

Internet via cable

To use a wired connection, you can connect your device directly to the wall socket. There are two outlets in the socket, use the port to the left/odd number. Authentication (login) is also required to activate the internet. You must log in with your student account ([email protected] + password).

You obtain your student account from the university at the start of studies. More information about student accounts can be found on the USN website for IT-services.

To connect several devices to the internet at the same time, a switch must be used. The tenant must obtain this him or herself. See this guide for the procedure.

SSN external

This wireless network is reserved for tenants who do not have an account to use eduroam. If you are not a student or employee at USN you will find the password under the Internet tab on my page.


This is the guest network for USN. When you connect to this you will see guidance on how to register for 12 hours access.

WiFi: Eduroam

This is the same wireless network that you will find on campus (in addition to a number of other locations). To log in to eduroam, you must use your student account ([email protected] + password). You obtain your student account from the university at the start of studies. More information about student accounts can be found on the USN website.

Eduroam uses wpa-enterprise for authentication. This means you need both a username and password to log in. Many devices such as smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV and gaming consoles do not support this and therefore cannot be used on Eduroam.

WiFi only in public areas

These wireless networks are only available in public areas (kitchen/lounge/hallway).


Breisås-0-Map showing house numbers pdf Breisås 2-Floorplan Venåsvn 13-House 5 pdf Breisås 2-Floorplan Venåsvn 1-3-21-House 1-3 pdf Breisås 2-Floorplan Venåsvn 15-17-Hus 6-7-leilighet pdf Breisås 2-Floorplan Venåsvn 19-Hus 4-leilighet pdf