Fagerlund Studentboliger

Price from kr 4710,-

On 10 August 2018, the first students moved in to brand-new student accommodation at Fagerlund. Close to 160 students now live in Fagerlund, with what must be the best views for student accommodation in Vestfold!

NB! The units have been styled for photography. Interior details and decorations are not included. 

About the building:

Fagerlund student accommodation comprises a total of 156 housing units divided into the following types:

  • 92 single units with private bathroom and shared kitchen with 11-14 other residents (15-19 m²).
  • 8 HC-single units with private bathrooms and shared kitchen with 11-14 other residents (21-28 m²).
  • 40 one-bedroom apartments with private bathroom and kitchen (18-22 m²).
  • 12 HC-one-bedroom apartments with private bathroom and kitchen (24 m²).
  • 4 one-bedroom apartments with separate bedroom, private bathroom and kitchen/living room (38 m²).

In addition to student accommodation on the top four floors, the building contains offices and a service centre for The Student Welfare Organisation of Southeast-Norway (ground floor) and teaching facilities and offices for Vestfold Technical school (first floor).

All housing units and common indoor areas are non-smoking.

All residents belonging to a shared kitchen has their own, private fridge and kitchen cabinet in the shared kitchen.

  • +Calling system
  • +Electricity and energy
  • +Key card
  • +Lifts
  • +Location
  • +Outdoor area
  • +Parking
  • +Quooker:
  • +Shared laundry room
  • +Storage
  • +Waste disposal


Fagerlund Studentboliger

Furnishing and equipment

Clicking on the different units in the list below gives you an overview of what the different types of housing are furnished / equipped with. Duvet, pillow, bed linen and kitchenware you need to bring yourself. Cleaning equipment and vacuum cleaner are also a good idea to bring. It is not allowed to remove furniture from the unit, but you can add whatever you can fit.