Court- and game rules at the padel court at Campus Vestfold

Tue 23 Aug

Here you will find court rules for the padel court at Campus Vestfold. The pitch is behind the Idrettsbygget/Studenthuset, between the football pitch and Fagerlund Student Housing/SSN's offices.

Prices for padel

Student: NOK 50 per 30 minutes.
Others: NOK 150 per 30 minutes.

You pay for the padel court via Vipps after you have made a booking on My page or in the Student Sørøst-app under Sports.

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Court rules

  • To book the court, go to SSN’s My Page or the Student Sørøst app.

  • The individual who books the court, will be able to open the door via My Page or the Student Sørøst app, when the reservation takes place.

  • Keep the court tidy and remove any garbage before you leave.

  • Please return any borrowed equipment to the service office at Fagerlund.

  • Close both doors to the court, to make sure it locks.

  • No food or beverages allowed on the court.

  • The court closes at 10pm and the lights will go off at 10.15pm.

  • Any inquiries concerning the court, you can send directly to [email protected].

Game rules

  • Padel is usually played 2 vs 2.

  • The first serve starts from the right part of the court and must hit the opposite serve route on the second half of the court.

  • In Padel, a forearm serve is used. It is not allowed to serve above hip height. There are two attempts on the serve.

  • The serve must bounce on the ground once, before it can be played on from the opponent or hit the wall.

  • The serve can not hit the side fence, only the glass wall (after bouncing).

  • The ball can only bounce once on the ground, on each side.

  • The ball must first bounce on the ground before hitting the wall.

  • It is allowed to hit the ball in the wall on the way to the opponent’s half, or let the ball hit the wall on its own half before you hit it back over the net.

  • When the ball bounces twice on the opponent’s half, your team gets the point.

  • The opponent is allowed to run off the field to get the ball during the game, if the ball bounces off.


  • Point system is the same as tennis: 15/30/40 / game. 

  • The set is won by the team that first reaches 6 games. Each set must be won with 2 games. 

  • At 6 equal in the game, tie-break is played, first to 7 points (must win by 2 points). 

  • It is best played by 3 sets.