Why live in student housing?

There are many good reasons to live in our student housing!

Skrivebord hybel

In the first place, it is social and inclusive, in other words, perfect if you are new to your college. Choose a type of accommodation with a shared kitchen, if you want to meet other students and establish new friendships outside of your study programme!

Felleskjøkken Ringerike

It is SAFE to stay in student housing:

  • Even though you live on your own, you always have people around you as all our housing is connected in one way or another to others.
  • We have Resident Assistants associated with all our residential areas. The Resident Assistants promote a good living environment, can answer questions, help with light bulbs and tools, as well as let you in if you lock yourself out (until 10 p.m.).
  • If you lock yourself out in the Service Centre's opening hours/the working hours of the resident assistants, they will help you to get in again. After 10 p.m., our security company takes over this task, so you will always get help to get into your accommodation.
  • Our fire-detection systems are up-to-date and follow regulations.
  • In the event of faults and defects, you will quickly get help from our caretakers.
  • Student Service is available at all our campuses and can answer questions related to our student housing, as well as anything else you might be wondering about regarding life around the study courses.

Kjøkken i ettroms på Ringerike

A number of practical and student-friendly considerations are taken care of:

  • Electricity is included in the rent of all our studio apartments and apartments for couples (not family apartments).
  • You get free internet connection as an additional service.
  • Laundry or laundry facilities are available in all our residential areas.
  • If you want to move to another of our studio apartments, you will be given priority on the waiting lists.
  • We do not require a deposit.