Laundry login

Many of our accommodations have a shared/common laundry room. Log in with your username and password to fill value to your laundycard, change username/password or to book laundry time.


Find your laundry

We offer common/shared laundry rooms at these accommodations:

Campus Bø Student Housing, Fagerlund Student Housing (Vestfold), Klokkergården (Vestfold), Kaldnes Brygge (Vestfold), Campus Vestfold Student Housing, Moov-in (Drammen), Øvre Sund (Drammen), Campus Ringerike, Vestsiden (Kongsberg) and Papillon (Kongsberg).

Laundry card

When moving in you will receive a "laundry-card" with login-info. The card itself has a small cost which will be added to your rent once (see the pricelist for current price), and it is pre-stocked with a small sum, so that you can use it right away. Furthermore, you stock the card with value online.

Please remember to turn your laundry-card in when moving out, as it can be used again - think of the environment!

Change of username and password on your laundry account

Username and password is automatically generated, but you may easily change to a username and password of your own choice.

Login with the username and password from the letter you received when you retrieved your laundry card from us. Click here:

Endre brukernavn

Choose a user name and password then click OK:

Endre passord

Have you lost the login information you received when you moved in? Fear not! Contact your local service office or send an email to [email protected], and we will send you the information. 

If you have lost the laundry card itself, you my purchase a new one at your local service office (see the pricelist for current price). Remember to give us notice as soon a possible, so that we may block this card.

Add credit to your laundry card:

  • Login with user name and password from the sheet that came with the laundry card (you can change the user name and password after you are logged in). The payment scheme is secure and gives you some options on how much money you want to add to your laundry account.
  • Go to account/payment to add credit to the laundry card.
  • You may use the laundry immediately after the money has been transferred.
  • If you pay too much to your laundry card, log into your account and transfer the money from your laundry card back to your bank account. It takes a day to transfer money from the card to your bank account. NB! The amounts can be returned to your account up to six months from the date of financial transactions. After that time, they must be used to  purchase laundry services.

Book a washing machine

It is possible, but not necessary, to reserve washing machines via the Internet (but you cannot reserve tumble driers). When booking online, you choose when you want to use the washing machine. That way you avoid getting to the laundry room only to find that all the machines are busy. It is possible to reserve two machines.

How to reserve:

  • Login to the website of the laundry with user name and password.
  • Select "Reservér tid".
  • Choose machine and time.
  • Confirm that you want to reserve the machine at this time.
  • The reservation is valid for 15 minutes after the reserved time. If you are 15 minutes late, the machine will be released and others can make use of it.
  • A reservation costs NOK 6 if it is not used.
  • If you use the machine in the reserved time, the reservation is free.
  • It is possible to delete the reservation up to a scheduled start time.
  • If you don’t want to reserve a time for washing, you can go directly to the laundry room and use any machines available. If a reserved machine is not in use, you can use it. If there isn’t time to do a load because of the next reservation on the machine, this will appear in the display. You can then choose between doing a shorter programme or wait to do your laundry.

Remember to notice us if you lose your laundry card! We will disable the card, and you may buy a new one.