Laundry login

Do you live at Fagerlund, Klokkergården, Kaldnes Brygge, Campus Vestfold student accommodation, Moov in, Øvre Sund, Campus Ringerike, Vestsiden or Papillon? If so, you need laundry login to add credit to your laundry account or to book time in the laundry.


Here you can find the login to your laundry on campus.


Information on what to do if you have forgotten your password or want to change your password.

When moving in you will receive a "laundry-card" with login-info. You stock the card with value online. The card itself has a small cost which will be added to your rent once (see the pricelist for current price), and it is pre-stocked with a small sum, so that you can use it right away.

If you loose your card, a new one can be purchased at your local service centre. Please remember to turn your laundry-card in when moving out, it can be used again.

Find more information in the laundry user manual.