Download the mobile app appWash to use your common laundry room!

Many of SSN's student housing has a communal laundry. Now all these laundries are connected to the mobile app appWash, and everything you need to do to get your laundry done now happens in the app.

Miele AppWash

Download appWash:

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Well, you still have to sort and put the laundry in the washing machine ... But appWash helps you top up your balance, choose the machine and pay for the wash AND notifies you when the laundry is done!

Find your laundry

We offer common/shared laundry rooms at these accommodations:

Campus Bø Student Housing, Fagerlund Student Housing (Vestfold), Klokkergården (Vestfold), Kaldnes Brygge (Vestfold), Campus Vestfold Student Housing, Moov-in (Drammen), Øvre Sund (Drammen), Campus Ringerike, Vestsiden (Kongsberg) and Papillon (Kongsberg).

Do your laundry with appWash

With appWash everything is done with the app on your phone (you can also use a web site). If you previoulsy used a washing card you will no longer need this.

How to:

1. Download the app appWash by Miele or go to
2. Register in the app
3. Top up the balance

At the laundry:

4. Select machine
5. Select program
6. Load clothes and start the machine

It is currently not possible to reserve machines with this solution., but you can use the app to see if there are any machines available. You will also receive a notification from your app when your laundry is finished.

Do you have questions about appWash? Check their FAQ.

Or contact appWash directly: [email protected]


Empty your "Logic" account - change from laundry card to appWash

Due to the transfer to appWash, your old laundry account can now longer be used. This means that you will not be able to use the money you may have left in the Logic app.

You can withdraw the money you may have left in the same place that you usually ad money (go to purchases - refund).