Campus Ringerike Studentboliger

From 4770 kr

The perfect place to live! Campus Ringerike student accommodation consists of two buildings, Luna and Terra, located right next door to the University.

Questions about student housing?

Send us a message! Or contact us in the chat.

Welfare host for residents

Contact information for your welfare host is found on My page.

About the buildings:

Campus Ringerike student accommodation was completed in time for the start of term in 2016 and has 150 housing units for 154 students. There are different unit types to choose from:

  • Single units with private bathroom and shared kitchen (7 or 14 residents share kitchen)
  • Single units with private bathroom and kitchen (18-27 sqm)
  • Couples apartments (34 sqm)

Check out this cozy dorm at Campus Ringerike Student Housing.

In your shared kitchen in Terra you will find a Quooker, where you get boiling water (110 °C) directly from the faucet. 

All residents that belongs to a shared kitchen at Campus Ringerike Student housing has their own, private fridge and kitchen cabinet in the shared kitchen.

There are lifts in both buildings.

Right next to the University. There is a bus stop right outside USN. Hønefoss train station is located 3 km from campus.

Read more about the location of Campus Ringerike with USN.

There is a great outdoor area and barbeque site for free use for residents behind the accommodation.

There is no free parking allocated for the building, but students can rent a parking space in the basement (NOK 800 per spot per month). 

To apply for the rental of a parking space, you must initially have a lease with us. You apply via My Page by going to My Tenancy and Apply for additional products". If there is space available, you will receive an offer to rent from us, if not, you will be placed on a waiting list.

If you have not been allocated housing yet, but wish to apply for a parking space, you can contact us and we will help you.

All residents have access to the shared bicycle shed.

There is a laundry room with washing machines and tumble driers in U1 (basement) in the Luna building. To find the laundry room, go past the mailboxes by the main entrance and take the door to the left before the lift. You do not need to bring your own detergent, as the machines have a "dosing system" - that is, it automatically fills with detergent. The detergents are hypoallergenic.

Do your laundry with appWash

With this solution everything is done with an app on your phone (you can also use a web site).

1. Download the app appWash by Miele or go to
2. Register in the app
3. Top up the balance

At the laundry:

4. Select machine
5. Select program
6. Load clothes and start the machine

It is currently not possible to reserve machines with this solution, but you can use the app to see if there are any machines available. You will also receive a notification from your app when your laundry is finished.

All residents have access to a private storage room in the basement (U1). The storage room provided with the couple apartments is 3 m2, while the other storage rooms are 1.3-1.5 m2. You need a private padlock for your storage room.

All residents have access to the shared bicykle shed.

Underground waste igloos located behind Luna. Remember to recycle!

Passive house with distanced heating system

Electricity is included in the rent.

The building is built as a passive house and is attached to a district heating system that contributes to heating of water and ventilation heating.

Think of the environment - help us saving energy!

Fire alarm system

Cable in router

Internet via cable

A router from SSN has been placed in your apartment. To use a wired connection, you must connect the device you wish to use through this.

We recommend that you use network cables of the standard cat5e or newer.

Priv-ssid: Private wireless network

Private WiFi

SSID and password for your personal wireless network can be found under the internet tab on My page.

SSN external

This wireless network is reserved for tenants who do not have an account to use eduroam. If you are not a student or employee at USN you will find the password under the Internet tab on my page.

WiFi: Eduroam

This is the same wireless network that you will find on campus (in addition to a number of other locations). To log in to eduroam, you must use your student account ([email protected] + password). You obtain your student account from the university at the start of studies. More information about student accounts can be found on the USN website.

Eduroam uses wpa-enterprise for authentication. This means you need both a username and password to log in. Many devices such as smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV and gaming consoles do not support this and therefore cannot be used on Eduroam.

WiFi public areas

These wireless networks are also available in public areas (kitchen/lounge/hallway).

Key card and unlocking of doors from app/My page

Lock yourself in with your mobile phone

You can easily lock in via "My key card" on My page on mobile phone/desktop or via the Student Sørøst app (My key card is found under the service for Student housing). My key card gives you the opportunity to unlock all doors you have access to through your tenancy with SSN. It is also this function that you can use to lock in guests.

NB! We recommend that you always take your key card with you when you leave the dormitory. Opening from the web will not work if you lack internet or My page is down.

Tip - buy an extra key card at SSN's service office! There are snap locks on the doors and it is easy to lock out. An extra key card can be kept with a fellow student.

Key card:

You will receive one key card (free of charge) when you move into your student housing unit. This is how it works:
Outer door:
Hold the card close to the card reader. It should flash green in the reader. Enter your four-digit code. The door is unlocked.

Interior doors:

Hold the card close to the reader unit. Press down on the handle and open the door when you get a green light and a single beep. The door locks automatically when it is closed, but can always be opened from the inside with the door turner.

NB! Do not make holes in or write on the key card - it may stop working.

Error message in the card reader on the dormitory/apartment door:

Green and red light flashing alternately: low battery voltage, the batteries must be replaced immediately. If the battery voltage is low, it can also happen that red and green flash at the same time. Report on Errors and deficiencies on My page if you need a battery replacement.

When you move out, you return the key card, feel free to use one of our drop boxes. ATTENTION! A fee is triggered if you don´t return your key card. See the price list.


Floorplan Campus Ringerike pdf Storage rooms in the basement pdf