SSN Health: When you need someone to talk to

SSN Health offers professional help for those who just need to talk to someone, and for those who might struggle with bigger and more serious issues. We have therapists and psychologists available at all of USN´s campuses.

Samtaletilbud SSN


Meet us digitally or by physical attendance

The conversational therapy offer is available both digitally (on Teams / Skype and telephone) and by physical attendance. Make an agreement with your therapist / psychologist directly.

When you need someone to talk to

Sometimes everything feels a little ... difficult. You can go through periods where you feel tired all the time, lack motivation and find it difficult to concentrate. There can be many reasons for this. Maybe you've experienced a special event in your life, you're worried about your exams or you're just going through a period when everything seems more difficult than normal.

Free service for students

SSN Health has therapists on every campus. Our door is always open, and no question or issue is too big or small. You can visit our therapists and psychologists for just a quick chat or a number of sessions. The service is free of charge and we naturally keep all conversations confidential.

Remember - every problem shared is a halved problem.

Contact the therapist on your campus to book an appointment. You can find contact information in the menu on the left. 

International student and booking of online appointment?

To book an appointment with one of our therapists online, you'll need a "D number" if you are an international student. The D number is a temporary identification number which can be assigned to foreign persons who'll generally be resident in Norway for less than six months.

  • If you are from a country within the EU, you need to contact The Norwegian Tax Administration to get your D number.
  • If you are from a country outside the EU, you need to contact UDI (The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration) to get your D number.

When staying in Norway for more than six months you need to apply for a F number.

Booking of appointment:

  • Online booking via the appointment button applies from 1 April 2020 to NEW students to the offer only (ie if you do not alerady use this service). Find the "Book appointment-button" under your chosen campus in the left sidebar.
  • The first session is a short talk to clarify the need for help and the way forward. You will not necessarily continue to have conversations with the person you had the first session with.
  • New sessions are set up continuously as needed (you do not need to book another appointment after the first session).
  • You will receive an SMS confirmation when the appointment is booked, as well as a new SMS in advance of the appointment, with a reminder of your appointment.

Already using the conversational therapy service?

  • If you are already using this service, and have not set up a new appointment for various reasons, call your therapist to schedule a new appointment when needed.
  • If you are a former user of this service and want to start up again, call the therapist/psychologist you were attended by before.

Cancellation of appointment:

Exam help


To support you as a student, SSN Health offers free courses and groups. Check your campus for the next course. 

If you have questions about our courses and activities, please email: (please do not use for sensitive information).

Apply for medical expense refund

Have you spent a lot of money on healthcare such as a doctor, physiotherapist, psychologist or dentist? You may get a refund. Click here to read more about medical expense refunds.