Frequently asked questions: Student benefits

Tue 07 Mar

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Frequently asked questions about: Student benefits

You can apply for SSN for money - aka student funds - for activities for students. There are some criteria that must be met in order for the application to be approved, one of the most important of which is that the activities must be run by students and be for the students at educational institutions affiliated to SSN.

See the criteria for allocation of student funds here.

The goal of distributing money for student activities is to stimulate a rich, inclusive and lively student environment. We want to help you thrive while you study. Students who thrive more often complete their studies on time.

Read more about student funds and find the application form.

In order to apply for support, the activities must be run by students and be for the students at educational institutions affiliated to SSN:

There are two deadlines per semester:

Autumn semester:

15 September and 15 November.

Spring semester:

15 February and 15 April.

If you have paid your semester fee and are a student at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), Fagskolen i Viken, Kongsberg, Fagskolen i Vestfold and Telemark or Stavern Police College, you may apply for health expense refunds.

Read more about health reimbursement.

Guidelines for health expense refunds.

You fill out the application form after logging in or registering at My page.

You can receive reimbursements for several different out of pocket health expenses. To see what services are included in the arrangement, read the Guidelines for health expense refunds. Here you can also find information about the amounts you can have refunded, as well as general information and information regarding appealing against decisions.

Unfortunately we no longer have cabins for rent. Check out Visit Vestfold, Visit Telemark or Visit Viken for a good overview of cabin rentals where you are.

You create a user on My Page yourself.

On My Page, you can apply for student housing and health expence refund. This is also where you report faults and deficiencies in your student housing, or report noise etc. This is also where those of you with a key card can change the PIN code to your card, or even lock yourself in digitally.

You will also find an overview of your tenancy, such as an invoice for rent and you can apply for additional services such as storage or parking space. You see an overview of ongoing and previous applications.

If you have children in our student kindergarten, you can also see information about this on My page.

Remember to update your contact information on My Page, for example if you change your telephone number or get a new e-mail address. It is important that your contact information is up to date, so that we as the lessor can get in touch with you. We usually use e-mail or SMS when we send you information.

Semester fee = Valid student ID

The semester fee is a statutory fee for all students who register for the exam. It helps to cover the operation of the student organization and any expenses for copies and transcripts. Once the semester fee has been paid, your student ID is valid.

It is the educational institution you belong to, that collects and registers the payment of the semester fee. If you are having questions regarding payment, deadlines or need a confirmation of your payment and the registration of you as a student, please contact your campus, not SSN.

Deadlines for paying the semester fee:

  • 1 September for fall semester

  • 1 February for spring semester

  • Click the "Book appointment"-button 😉
    Regrettably the booking system is in Norwegian only. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Select the available appointment that suits you and click "Neste: Bekreftelse" which means "Next: Confirmation".

  • Fill in your name and contact information and "Bekreft reservasjon" which translates to "Confirm reservation".

  • You will now receive an SMS with a code, which you enter to the booking immediately.

  • This completes your reservation.

  • The reservation is now complete and you can choose to add the appointment to your calendar. You will receive a confirmation of your reservation via SMS.

  • A user account will be automatically created when the reservation is completed.

  • You must have a USN user on Zoom, as this is where the call will take place.

  • Before the meeting starts, you will receive an email from one of our financial advisors, Elisabeth or Karin, inviting you to the meeting.

  • Click on the link in the email to start the conversation and we will meet at Zoom!

  • Log in to "Din side" (My Page) in the booking system, find your reservation and click "Kanseller avtale" which means "Cancel appointment" (this is in very small print, at the very bottom of the reservation text). You must confirm the selection by clicking "OK".

  • You will receive a SMS confirming that your appointment is canceled.

Please cancel your appointment as early as possible and at least 24 hours before it starts.

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