Rent: Payment and guidelines

Contact information:

+47 31 00 90 00 | [email protected] 

Our bank account number for rent payment: 2480 27 91050

You may need some additional information if you are paying through a foreign bank:

IBAN: NO41 2480 2791 050
ADDRESS: SpareBank 1 Sørøst-Norge (BV), Torvet 5, 3120 Nøtterøy

Your invoice is available at My page!

What is included in the rent?

The rent includes electricity (separate rules for the family apartments on Faun, Klokkergården and Åsgårdstrand), janitor services and Internet connection (according to USN's regulations). In most of our housing areas in Porsgrunn, Notodden, Bø and Rauland, the use of the common laundry rooms is included in the rent.

Guidelines for paying rent:

  • Your invoice is to be found at My page. 
  • Rent has to be paid on the 1st of every month. The rent is paid in advance.
  • Rent for the first month must be paid in advance before moving in. After moving in, rent is due the following month as normal.

Electronic invoice (eFaktura) 

The Student Welfare Organisation offers electronic invoicing as a payment solution for our customers. With electronic invoicing, the invoice is sent directly to your online banking system. You can change the amount and due date before accepting. You can accept electronic invoicing by logging in to your online banking system either by opening the list of companies offering electronic invoicing or by clicking Yes nest time you pay an invoice. Your electronic invoice reference number is the same as your SSN customer number.

Invoice on My page

If you don’t want to use electronic invoicing, your invoice is to be found at My page. You are responsible for contacting us if you haven’t received an invoice on My page or an electronic invoice. We ask you kindly to use the actual printed invoice with the correct KID number when paying your invoice. Please be aware of which invoice you pay, because every invoice will be linked to the month that it’s marked with. If you want to pay for several months at a time, you can do this by using one invoice.

Postponed payment?

Please contact us if you have difficulty paying your invoice in time. Please also contact us if you have major payment issues so that we can try to find a solution to the problem together.

We offer free financial advice for students! Do not hesitate to book an appointment with us, we can help you.

What happens if you do not pay your invoices:

For overdue payments of rent and other claims, you will receive a reminder with a fee (“Varsel/Betalingsvarsel” in Norwegian) from our debt collection company, Intrum Justitia or Sergel. Reminders will be sent by mail to your address. If you still do not pay, your case will go to debt collection (“inkasso” in Norwegian) with the same company. Interest and collection fees will continue to accrue.

What if you don´t pay your invoice?

If a reminder and / or debt collection is sent, fees and interest must be paid even if the invoice is paid before any notice is received. It may take 1-4 days from rent is paid until SSN registers the payment. Notice may be sent in the meantime. This means that payment 14 days after due date will always result in the claim being sent to Intrum Justitia or Sergel for further payment tracking. Such transfer involves fees and interest.

Pay on time to avoid additional fees!

When an invoice has been sent to debt collection, you will receive an invoice from Intrum Justitia or Sergel for your rent and / or other claims, in addition to fees and interest. This invoice must be paid. Questions regarding this must be made to the company from which you received the invoice. At the same time, we will send out a notice of eviction from your room/ apartment, ref. section 14 of the Tenancy Agreement. Issue of eviction notices incurs an additional fee of NOK 200.

Enforcement and eviction

If you still haven’t paid your debt, your case will be sent to the enforcement office, and they will deal with the demand for eviction. If your case is sent to the enforcement office, you will receive an additional invoice of NOK 200 to cover our costs for forwarding your case to the enforcement office. Management, monitoring and enforcement by the enforcement office will trigger legal fees. 

Did you know that we offer personal financial advise to students?

The content of the tenancy agreement is to be found under Rules and prices.