Paying the rent

Invoices for rent are sent by e-mail and are due for payment on the 1st of each month. You are responsible for contacting us if you have not received an invoice.

Paying the rent SSN-illustrasjon

How do I pay rent with my deposit money?

We encourage all residents to make use of e-invoices. If you do not pay your rent on time, the invoice will be forwarded to Sergel collection agency.

You will be invoiced for rent from the first day of your contract, even if you do not move in on that day.

Read the tenancy agreement under "Rules and prices"

For paying invoices, you need our bank address, IBAN and BIC:

Name of bank:       Sparebank 1 BV
Bank address:        SpareBank 1 Midt-Norge, 7467 Trondheim

Account number:  2480 27 91050
IBAN:                        NO41 2480 2791 050
BIC/Swiftcode:      BIC VEFONO21 / SPTRNO22 

Account owner:     Studentsamskipnaden i Sorost-Norge
Owners address:   Raveien 189 B, 3184 Borre, Norway


Due to the money transfer you need to add 15 EUR to cover the transfer fee. Remember to get a proof (Print Screen e.g.) of your money transfer before you get your key, the transaction may take some days. 

Where do I get the key?