Our coffee shops in Kongsberg, Porsgrunn and Horten are open!

Most of SSN´s eateries are still closed due to the coronasituation, BUT our coffee shops are reopening! Welcome to: ÅTTE at Kongsberg, Café Origo (Porsgrunn) and Café Amfi (Horten).


When the semester starts in August we are hoping to have all our eateries back in business. All eateries will from now on be cash free (you may only pay with card).

You are welcome to read more about which SSN-services that are reopening.

Café business requires practice, experience and a true love for cooking. Healthy and good food is important when you study! Good, nutritious food can help to improve the quality of life and your study performance.

Good food at student price

Most of the employees in our cafes are trained chefs or waiters. This is our guarantee of professionalism and good food. We try to balance the consideration of the students' often slimmed economy with culinary quality. As a student, you get a 20% discount on our dining options (remember your student card), employees get a 10% discount.

We offer three different discount cards in our eateries:

SSNs fordelskort Breakfast card ("Frokostkort"):

You pre-pay NOK 290 for 12 breakfasts, which means you get two breakfasts for free (one breakfast is NOK 29).

Coffee card ("Kaffekort"):

You pre-pay NOK 120 for 12 cups of coffee. One cup is NOK 12 for students, which means you get two cups for free.

Dinner card ("Middagskort"):

This card gives you the tenth dinner for free, when you have filled the nine previous tickets with dinners for minimum NOK 59.

You get all our benefit cards in our eateries.

Focus on nutritious food

You can enjoy a varied and fresh salad bar, warm and tasty lunch dishes and warm dishes for dinner at our eateries. There is also a selection of sandwiches and baguettes, rolls and wraps, or you can buy bread / rolls and spread with toppings yourself. We have regular offers on today's pasta and today's soup, and breakfast is served every day at a reasonable price.

We focus on nutritious dishes, and we recommend fruit as dessert. 

Share a meal with other students, share experiences, views and fun. A meal in the company of others at one of our pleasant restaurants or cafés can be the beginning of a long-lasting friendship. 

Welcome to our restaurants and cafés!