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Fri 04 Aug
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Here you will find the prices for catering and our catering menu for meetings. To order, send an e-mail directly to the eatery/canteen.

☕️ Meeting room package 1 - for the short meetings

  • Coffee/tea/ice water x 1

  • Packed lunch

  • Fruit platter or cake of the day

Price: NOK 109 per person (NOK 129 for external guests)

🍩 Meeting room package 2 - for the longer meetings (two deliveries by agreement)

  • Coffee/tea/ice water x 2

  • Fruit platter

  • Sandwich/packed lunch of the day

  • Cake or cinnamon bun of the day

Price: NOK 159 per person (NOK 189 per person for external guests)

🧆 Conference package - suitable for all-day meetings

  • Coffee/tea/ice water x 3

  • Snacks (fruit platter and nuts)

  • Lunch buffet in the canteen/eatery

  • Cake of the day

Price from NOK 309 per person

(NOK 359,- / NOK 399,- for external guests. There are variations in VAT at the different eateries. Please contact your eatery for an exact price).

Minimum order: 20 pers.

Pricelist for varied products:

Product Price per portion (external guest price in brackets)
Coffee/tea/ice water 23,- (29,-)
Soda / mineral water 33,- (37,-)
Smoothie cup 34,- (40,-)
Smoothie jug 177,- (199,-)
Snacks (fruit/nuts) 36,- (39,-)
Fruit platter 29,- (33,-)
Twist 100 g 49,- (56,-)
Twist 150 g 69,- (79,-)
The cake of today 28,- (32,-)
Cinnamon bun 28,- (32,-)
Vestlandslefse 18,- (20,-)
Muffin (wrapped) 23,- (27,-)
The sandwich of today 59,- (68,-)
Delivery 75,-
Trolley pick up 150,-

Please contact the canteen on your campus if there is something you cannot find on this list.

Find your canteen

About the prices for catering / food for meetings:

  • The prices apply to employees in USN and SSN.

  • VAT. may apply to certain products or services.

  • Customers are asked to contact the relevant campus for an exact price quote.

  • For shipping between buildings, we have to make certain reservations due to weather conditions.

  • There are variations in the offer and selection at our eateries.

For offers on food not in the list, products and cakes for special occasions, please contact the café manager on your campus.

Fruit platter
Sandwiches on a tray

How to order catering / food for meetings:

Please inform about the following when submitting your order:

  1. Date and time when you want the order delivered or picked up.

  2. Building and meeting room (if you want delivery).

  3. Name of orderer.

  4. Name of attestant.

  5. Budget unit.

  6. Number of people or products you want.

  7. Information about any allergies and special diets.

  1. Send your order by e-mail to the canteen on the relevant campus no later than 24 hours before when the booking is for less than 30 people, 48 hours for bookings for more than 30 people.

    NB. Separate deadlines apply for ordering tapas and other special lunches. Contact the restaurant.

    Find your restaurant in the overview here, or use the list below to find contact information.

  2. The order must be sent to us by 2pm on Friday in order for us to be able to guarantee delivery. We are closed during the weekend.

  3. Please note that the customer is responsible for returning the trolley and all equipment back to the restaurant, unless otherwise agreed. A fee of NOK 75 for collecting trolleys and other items may apply.


Cancellation must reach us no later than three days before the delivery date for orders for fewer than 30 people, and 10 days before the delivery date for larger orders.

In case of cancellation beyond this, we reserve the right to charge the orderer/organiser half the cover charge. In case of cancellation on the same day or in case of no-show, the customer will be charged the full cost.

Eatery: E-mail: Phone
BØ, Kafé Studenten [email protected] +47 31 00 90 77
DRAMMEN, Kafé Papirbredden [email protected] +47 31 00 90 10
KONGSBERG, Kafé Haspa [email protected] +47 31 00 95 90
KONGSBERG, ÅTTE Kaffe & Bar [email protected] +47 481 51 824
NOTODDEN, Kafé Panorama [email protected] +47 31 00 84 95
PORSGRUNN, Kafé Henrikke [email protected] +47 950 35 147
RINGERIKE, Kafé Alma [email protected] +47 31 00 96 10
VESTFOLD, Alimento [email protected] +47 31 00 90 01
VESTFOLD, Spiseriet [email protected] +47 482 41 269