Frequently asked questions: Life in student housing

Wed 05 Jan

About living in student housing

Frequently asked questions about living in student housing with SSN.

You will find information about the network connection in your student housing by clicking into the correct property (where you live) under Our student housing. Scroll to Internet in the list.

In the event of connection problems, you can restart the router in the Student Sørøst app under the Student Housing service. In most cases, it will get you back online.

Still no internet-connection? Our Technology department can assist you, send in your support inquiry via our contact form.

Report errors / omissions to the janitor via My Page

We have janitors dedicated to all our student housings, which makes it extra safe and predictable to stay with us. You report messages / errors / defects or your need for repairs to the janitor via My Page, and the operations department will correct errors / defects within two days.

The operations department replaces light bulbs in all common rooms such as TV rooms, common kitchens, hallways and basement rooms. In your own unit, you report it to the janitor yourself if you need light bulbs (via My Page). If problems occur on fluorescent tubes / lighters and special bulbs, a message must also be entered on My page.

Questions about caretaker or cleaning services?

You can contact our operation or cleaning department if you have questions about our caretaker or cleaning services.

Contact us.

Report any defects immediately

If you discover faults or defects in the housing, we ask you to report to My page as soon as possible.

Help us discover faults or defects

We have many housing units to inspect, and we carry out regular inspections. The housings are also always checked before new tenants move in. Despite this, there may be errors and omissions that we do not succeed in registering. We are therefore dependent upon our tenants informing us of errors they discover.

Report as soon as possible

Complaints about any deficiencies or errors are made via My page in a reasonable time after moving in. At the same time, the tenant gives the lessor, or the lessor authorizes, the right to access the housing unit until the damage / fault has been rectified (cf. §8 in the rental agreement).

Furthermore, in the tenancy, messages and the need for repairs must be reported electronically via My page. The janitors department will correct the error / defect within two days. If it takes longer, a progress plan will be created which the tenant will be informed about. You will be able to follow the progress on My page. Where there is a need to establish emergency solutions, we will do our utmost to have it in place within five hours.

Critical errors or omissions?

In an emergency situation where the deficiensie is critical for the building or its occupants, please call SSN's emergency number 31 00 95 00.

In case of an accident, fire or other emergency, call the emergency numbers:

Fire: 110
Emergency room:
116 117

Thank you for helping us!

Yes :)

Our contracts run until 31 July, and new lease agreements start on 1 August, so if you have agreed to renew your contract, you will keep your student housing over the summer.

If you wish to rent longer than what the agreement stipulates, you are welcome to contact us.

Check your contract

How long you can stay in your student housing depends on the rental period you have stipulated in your contract. You will find your contract on My Page and here you will also find the duration of your lease under §1 and the section "Rental period".

Renewal of contract

Our leases run until July 31. In April, we will send you an offer for a new lease for the home you rent from us. The offer is valid from 1 August and will be sent to you via e-mail with information about deadlines and what you must do to renew your contract. We ask you to read through the new contract, as changes may have been made (such as a price change).

Where can I park?

Information about parking in connection with your residential area can be found under "Parking" on each residential area's own page (select campus and then which housings you live in).

It is important that you park only in marked parking spaces and not in front of entrances or in the roadway where it may block snowmobiles or emergency vehicles. Incorrectly parked cars may be removed without notice.

It is well organised for the use of bicycles at USN's campuses.

Read about parking at USN by clicking further into your campus and selecting "How to get to campus".

Remember to think about the environment, recycle and sort your waste:

All our student accommodation has eco-friendly waste stations. Make sure you know where your closest one is located and use the marked containers to sort waste correctly. You will find information about where the rubbish bins are located on the page for your residential area, under "Waste management".

Thank you for your contribution!

Compress your waste or order waste removal from our janitors!

It is important that all waste is compressed. Help us keep it tidy around the garbage bin to make it look nice. Then we avoid visits by uninvited guests such as birds, rats and mice.

If you have large items you want to get rid of, please contact the janitor and book waste removal. You will be billed for the elapsed time and the actual cost of the recycling station.

We ask that you please do not put garbage outside of the waste cans without agreement with the janitor!

Paper/cardboard, food waste, plastic, glass/metal and general waste all have separate containers:

  • Food waste bags shall be tightly tied to minimise loose waste in the outdoors waste containers.

  • Paper can be placed directly into the waste containers, but not in plastic bags. If you have used plastic bags to collect paper, then sort the plastic bag into the outdoor containers for plastic.

  • General waste shall be disposed of in tied plastic bags directly into the otdoor waste container for general waste.

  • Plastic packaging shall be disposed in a tightly tied plastic bag and disposed in the outdoor waste container for plastic.

  • Glass and metal are thrown directly into the container for glass and metal, remember to sort the plastic bag separately if you have transported boxes / glass in one.

NB! It is very important to sort waste and dispose of it in the correct container/igloo. The waste removal company will refuse to take the waste if it is not sorted properly.

This is paper and cardboard waste:
  • Newspapers, brochures, envelopes, advertisements, magazines, phone directories, pocket books with soft covers.

  • Paper, cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes.

  • Milk and juice cartons, you don't need to remove the cork or the label.

  • Cardboard and paper packaging such as pizza boxes, cartons for detergents and softeners.

This is glass waste:
  • Glass that has contained jam, pasta sauces, baby food, etc.

  • Beer bottles without redemption value, wine- and liquor bottles.

This is metal waste:
  • Soda and beer cans without redemption value.

  • ​Tins, caviar and mayonnaise tubes etc.

  • Metal corks, soft metal tins, aluminium foil.

Only glass and metal packaging that has contained food shall be recycled.

This is plastic waste:
  • Plastic packaging that has contained food, drinks or other household goods.

  • Polystyrene, clingfilm.

  • Window cleaning fluid bottles, shampoo bottles, bottles from detergents etc.

Rinse plastic containers with cold water before you dispose of them. It doesn’t matter whether there's a thin layer of fat left. Labels can stay on. Use common sense: If it's difficult to get the plastic packaging clean, dispose with mixed waste.

This is Bio-waste:
  • Left-over food.

  • Tea bags and coffee filters.

  • Paper towels and napkins.

Remember to only use the BIO- bags, not regular plastic bags as these are not biodegradable. Empty your bio-waste every day, that way you can avoid bad smells in the kitchen.

Mixed residual waste:
  • Waste not sorted for recycling.

This is EE waste:
  • Light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, long-lasting bulbs, fuses, rechargeable batteries.

  • ​Mobile phones, chargers, lamps, wires, switches.

  • Toys with batteries and electronic components, shoes with flashing lights.

  • Radios, speakers, cameras, computer equipment, watches, alarm clocks.

  • Coffee makers, kettles, kitchen appliances, hairdryers.

Disposal of EE waste:

In many of our student accommodations (check the web site for your building), there is a container in the laundry room or in the basement where you can dispose of EE waste.

Electrical appliances such as TVs, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, cookers, freezers, heaters and microwave ovens need to be delivered separately to shops where such equipment is sold. You do not have to buy a new product to deliver old devices. The shop is obliged to receive such items if they sell similar products.

You may also deliver EE waste to recycling stations.

Do you want to sublease your student housing? Remember the following:

  • Sublease is only allowed with written permission from SSN.

  • The person you sublease to, must be a student affiliated with SSN, either at USN, the Police University College in Stavern, Fagskolen Tinius Olsen (Kongsberg) or Folkeuniversitetet South-East Norway.

  • You must independently find a suitable tenant who wants to sublet your student accommodation, before you contact us to gain permission.

  • You are still liable as tenant according to the Tenancy Agreement, even though your accommodation is sublet. As long as your name is on the lease, you are the one SSN will deal with and contact when needed.

  • The sub-tenant is obliged to read the provisions in section12-3 of the Tenancy Agreement regarding responsibility for the accommodation and payment of rent for subleasing.

  • You cannot demand a higher rent than you pay yourself.

  • We recommend that you sign a contract with your sub-tenant.

Questions regarding sublease or permission to do so should be sent to:
[email protected]

For the mail to arrive you need to:

  • Register your new address.

  • Mark your new mailbox with the correct address.

  • Give your contacts your new address.

  • Check/clear out your mailbox regularly!

Read more about address, change of address and mailbox here.

Yes, you may have visitors:

  • It is allowed to have overnight guests for up to ten days during a month.

  • The tenant must be present during the visit.

  • It is not allowed to let more people live in the home than what is calculated by SSN.

Quiet between 11 pm (12) and 8 am

According to the housing regulations, residents must not make noise after 23.00 Sunday-Thursday and after 24.00 Friday-Saturday.

If you are bothered by noisy neighbours, you may proceed as follows:

  • Talk to them and ask them to turn down the music and show consideration for others.

  • Talk to the landlord, he/she may be able to help.

  • Send a complaint to SSN on My page – remember to specify time, place and room number.

  • Call the police – phone: 02800.

After 11:00 pm on weekdays and 12:00 on days before public holidays, and until 08:00, there must be peace in the housing units, as well as on the property in general. This also includes the understanding that one must take into account one's co-tenants' need for peace of mind even during the day.

You create a user on My Page yourself.

On My Page, you can apply for student housing and health expence refund. This is also where you report faults and deficiencies in your student housing, or report noise etc. This is also where those of you with a key card can change the PIN code to your card, or even lock yourself in digitally.

You will also find an overview of your tenancy, such as an invoice for rent and you can apply for additional services such as storage or parking space. You see an overview of ongoing and previous applications.

If you have children in our student kindergarten, you can also see information about this on My page.

Remember to update your contact information on My Page, for example if you change your telephone number or get a new e-mail address. It is important that your contact information is up to date, so that we as the lessor can get in touch with you. We usually use e-mail or SMS when we send you information.

Yes, if a storage room is not included for your unit, you can in many cases apply to rent a storage room on My page. Go to My tenancy and Apply for additional products. If there is a vacant storage room, you will get a rental offer.

See the price list for the price of renting a storage room.

Save energy, save the environment!

SSN is very conscious about the environment and sustainability, and we are already doing a lot to save electricity in our student housing. But we depend on our residents to do their part too!

With simple measures, you can help us save both the environment and money. Energy saving results in lower costs, which in turn can benefit you.

To save power:

  • Turn off the lights when you leave your housing unit or common room.

  • If you need to open windows for some fresh air; do so quickly and efficiently, do not leave the window ajar during the winter.

  • By lowering the temperature by 1 degree, you reduce consumption by 5%.

  • Lower the temperature when you go home on holiday, both in your own unit and floor heating in the bathroom.

More power saving tips can be found here.