Applied for higher education? Remember to apply for student housing as well!

Thu 16 Feb
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Have you applied for studies at USN this fall? Remember to apply for student housing as well! If you apply NOW, the chance of getting housing for the semester start is better.

Apply now!

The sooner you apply for student housing, the higher you will be on the waiting list, and the sooner there is a chance that YOU will be allocated housing with us. You should therefore apply for student housing NOW!

Three tips to increase your chances:

  1. Submit your application at My page as early as possible!

  2. Select the desired move-in date in a month other than August.

  3. Register several favourites in your application, to open up for more alternatives. In the application form, you can also agree to receive offers for alternatives other than your favourites.

⭐️ Pro tips: If you don't get the "dorm of your dreams" on the first try, but accept the accommodation you get, you can apply again and change housing units later. When you are already a resident of SSN's student housing, you will be given priority on the waiting list when your dream dorm is available.

Find student housing!

"What if I am not amitted? What do I do with the student housing I have rented?"

No problemo! When the answer to the main admission comes from Samordna Opptak on July 20, you will know whether you have been amitted to the study program or not.

If you do not get amitted to the study program you wanted, and thus do not need a place to live near the place of study anyway, but have signed the lease, you can cancel the agreement with us by 31 July.

You have many choices

We have a number of different student housings you can choose from, and we offer student housing in connection with all USN's campuses.

Our housing selector will help you find the housing unit for you!

These housing types are available in SSN's student housing:

  1. Single unit with private bathroom and kitchen

  2. Single unit with private bathroom and shared kitchen

  3. Single unit with shared bathroom and kitchen

  4. Couples apartment

  5. Family apartment

We also have housing that are adapted for residents with disabilities, let us know in the comments field in the application what adaptations/facilitation you need. Read more about facilitation for disabilities here.

For students at session-based studies short-term rent might be applicable.

Find student housing.

Single units

The options are many: our most popular options are single rooms with private bathrooms and kitchens, and single units with private bathrooms where you share a kitchen with anywhere from four to nineteen other students.

Check out single units.

Example of single unit with private bathroom
Bathroom at campus Bø student housing

Example of single unit with private bathroom

Shared kitchen at Campus Bø Studenthousing
Sofa corner in common room at Campus Bø student housing

Shared kitchen for 19 residents.

Single unit with private kitchen and bathroom at Campus Bø studenthousing

Example of single unit with private bathroom and kitchen.


We also have couples and family apartments if you are two or more living together. All our student housing areas have housing adapted for residents with disabilities.

Check out apartments.

Couples apartment at Fagerlund, Borre/Vestfold

Example of couples apartment at Fagerlund in Borre/Vestfold.

Couples apartment at Vestsiden in Kongsberg

Example of a bedroom in a couple's apartment on Vestsiden in Kongsberg.

Close to campus, close to the city center or rural location

When it comes to location, there are also several options at the larger campuses. We offer alternatives right on campus, alternatives close to the closest city center, and also residential areas that are more rural in many places. Find out what you want, and feel free to make a priority list when you apply.

See all our student housing.

Drone photo from Breisås in Bø

Drone photo from Breisås in Bø with the city center and train station in the background.

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