Welcome as our guest!

Students who pay tuition fee to a welfare organisation may also use some of the services of all other welfare organisations. Here is a summary of the services you as a visitor may use at SSN:



If you have purchased a membership at the students sports centre with the welfare organisation to which you have paid the tuition fee, you may use our "guest training" arrangement (you don´t pay any extra to use our gym facilities).

You are also entitled to student discount when you sign up for a new membership at our students sports centres in Drammen, Ringerike or Vestfold.

Food and beverage

When you have paid your tuition fee and can submit your valid student card, you are entitled to a student discount in all our eateries.


If you are in need of student housing in Southeast-Norway for a period of time, you may rent student housing at the same price as students that are members of SSN.


We have student kindergartens in Porsgrunn, Kongsberg, Notodden and Bø, where you as a student may apply for a kindergarten space for your child on the same terms as other students (we have spaces reserved for children of students).


If you need someone to talk to, please contact our switchboard to check if our therapists and psychologists are available.

Services that are NOT included in the visiting arrangement:

You may not apply for health care expence refund or support funds for students. These services must be applied for through the welfare organisation to which you have paid the tuition fee (see list of websites to all student welfare organisations at the bottom of this site).

Guest at other student welfare organisations?

Please note that the different student welfare organisations have their own set of priorities in which services that are offered, and that some services are not included in the arrangement, such as health care expence refund. 

Please visit the website of the student welfare organisation that is relevant to you, to find out what their services to guests are: