Work out for free elsewhere in Norway

Thu 15 Feb

If you are a member of a student sports center, you may work out as a guest at another student welfare organisation!

Guest training

If you have a student membership at one of SSN's student sports centres, you are entitled to work out for free when visiting other student cities in Norway.

What is guest training?

Students that have a valid membership with a student sports centre that is run by one of the following student welfare organisations, can exercise for free when visiting one of the other welfare organisation's sports centres.

You can work out in these cities:

The arrangement is also valid for SSN/USN-employees with membership at SSN´s sports centres.

You may work out as a guest for 30 days + during the summer holidays

You may use the guest training arrangement for up to 30 days throughout a calendar year. In addition to this you can use it for maximum two months during the summer holidays in the period 1 June to 1 September.

What do I need to do to work out when visiting?

  • You get a guest training card at the student welfare organisation where you have a membership. If you have a gym-membership with SSN, you are welcome to come by the service office at your campus and receive a guest training card.

  • You have to show your guest training card together with ID and a valid membership card from your "home-sports-centre" when visiting any other students sports centre from the list above.

Read more about the guest arrangement for students.