Student sports centre - Campus Vestfold

The Student Welfare Organisation has a sports centre on Campus Vestfold. We can offer a full range of training facilities. Welcome!

We are located in the Activity Building on Campus Vestfold. We have a fully modern sports centre, climbing wall, swimming pool and gym. We offer a range of classes before, after and during University opening hours to cover all needs.

If you prefer team activities, we offer that as well. These are organised by the Student Society at USN and to take part, you have to be a member of the Student Society and a member of our sports centre.

Please contact us if you want to set up an individual workout plan. We offer counselling sessions and personal trainer sessions for our members - see price list. 

We are on Facebook!

* The sports centres are open to all - Contact us on email for more information.


The sports centre for students in Vestfold is a Clean Sport (anti-doping) centre: