Meet PT-Sofie at the gym at Bakkenteigen

Thu 30 Mar

Did you know that there are PTs who can help you make exercise fun and that you can plan your own goals with?

Personal trainer from Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

Sofie Anette Kvalvik is 22 years old and studies a bachelor's degree in physical activity, nutrition and health at the University of Southeast Norway. Alongside her studies, she works as a personal trainer (PT) at the Student Sports Center in Vestfold.

Sofie is an active girl with a background as a personal trainer from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and previously rode horses when she was younger. Her personal goal in the area is to be able to take a master's degree in physical activity, as well as to work with progression within different forms of exercise.

Customized plan for YOU

The sports student thinks that training should be available for everyone, regardless of starting point: Together you will tailor a plan that will be suitable for you. She can offer a close follow-up, variety in exercises and a plan that is fun, effective and will help you reach your goals.

A PT session with Sofie will start with an informal conversation over the phone where you get to know each other and set goals and a plan for the training. If dietary guidance is necessary, Sofie can help with that too.

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Priser for studenter:

Student 55 min Price Student 30 min Price
1 lesson 450,- 1 lesson 275,-
5 lessons 2125,- 5 lessons 1325,-
10 lessons 3950,- 10 lessons 2550,-
10 PT DUO 3200,- 10 PT DUO 1800,-

Priser for ansatte:

Employee 55 min Price Employee 30 min Price
1 lesson 550,- 1 lesson 325,-
5 lessons 2625,- 5 lessons 1575,-
10 lessons 4950,- 10 lessons 3050,-
10 PT DUO* 4200,- 10 PT DUO* 2300,-

* PT DUO means that two people attend the same PT session, for example you and a friend or you and your girlfriend.

Cancellation of exercise guidance or PT lessons must be reported no later than one day (24 hours) before the agreed lesson, otherwise the amount for the lesson will be charged.