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As a student in Southeast Norway, you can now work out for free with Naardic. The first 1000 who register also receive interactive guidance from profiled instructors!

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First come, first served!

Through our collaboration with Naardic, all students who are affiliated with SSN (Studentsamskipnaden i Sørøst-Norge) are given free membership in March, April and May!!

If you are among the first 1,000 to register, you will also receive personal, interactive guidance from Naardic's instructors. Registrations after the first 1000, can participate in all types of classes, but do not receive the interactive guidance.

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The offer only lasts until May, so join now! Remember that it is first come, first served to get interactive training instructions;)

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What is Naardic?

Naardic is Norway's largest online fitness center. All their classes are also interactive, which means that you get personal help and guidance during the class (if you are among the first 1000 who register, that is).

  • Naardic has a number of skilled instructors and offers online work out seven days a week.Yngvar Andersen
  • They have up to 30 classes in one day...
  • ... and 150 classes in a week.
  • Offers many different forms of training: Strength training, cardio, mobility training, rowing, running, yoga, Zumba, HIIT and much more. 
  • You are therefore likely to find something that suits YOU! What about circle training with Yngvar Andersen or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with Annema Refsnes?

Watch Naardic's own presentation video.

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  • Work out on campus

    Trening SSN Illustrasjon

    All our student sports centers, including the sports hall and swimming pool in Vestfold, is now closed due to stricter covid restrictions in the area.