Go for a walk: Campus Bø

Tue 16 Apr

Towards Lifjell from Breisås. Photo: Arne W. Hjeltnes/boturlag.no

We have created routes for a number of different trips starting from the various student residences in Bø.

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1. Starting point: The University and Campus Bø Student Housing

Molandrunden: 4,2km:

Go Gullbringvegen and up Kyrkjevegen until you reach Gregarsvegen. Walk the lovely Gregars road and enjoy the view to Lifjell. Turn right into Rokkemakarvegen and either follow the road further on Skyttarvegen and then Kyrkjevegen to the two Bø churches, or take the pleasant forest path over Nistås from Moland to Kyrkjevegen. And on to the churches, and the same way back. This is a trip in a beautiful cultural landscape.

Kyrkjerunden: 3,9km:

Walk Gullbringvegen and up Kyrkjevegen until you reach the two churches at Bøhaugen. Follow Kyrkjevegen on until you reach Skyttarvegen. Turn left and follow the highway back to Campus. This is a trip in a beautiful cultural landscape.

Bøhaugen: 1,3 km:

Between Campus Bø student accommodation, the churches and the University is a nice walking area. There are several trails in the area. The trails goes through deciduous forest. There is a good climb from the student accommodation up to Bøhaugen. From the compost heap, on the west side of the cemetery, the path returns to the Gullbring area.

Evjudalen: 1,5 km:

Evjudalen is a green and accessible central park, which is universally designed. Here there are walking paths, playgrounds, benches, exercise equipment, lawns and other social meeting places.

Walk Gullbringvegen down past Gullbring until you reach Evjudalen outdoor park. Follow the walkway that goes around the dam facilities.

Map showing suggestions for walks in Bø

The map shows Molandrunden, Kyrkjerunden, Bøhaugen and Evjudalen.

Gullbring og Evjudalen. Photo: Bø Turlag.

Gullbring and Evjudalen. Photo: Bø Turlag.

2. Starting point: Grivi

Cultural trail along the Bøelva River: 5-10 km.

From Gårabru to Oterholtbrua there is a marked hiking trail on both sides of the river. You can walk the entire stretch (10 km), or turn around midway at Folkestadbrua (5 km). Mostly flat terrain and easy to walk all year round. From Grivi student housing, turn right and walk a few hundred meters along Valenvegen until you reach Gåråbrua. You will find hiking signs along both sides of the river.

Along the Bøelva you can experience a lot of life and variety in the landscape, with waterfalls and rapids, old homesteads and other cultural monuments. At Vaskarbergja, which is an old bathing spot and a good fishing spot, a sauna has been set up by Bø Badstue Forening. If you want to swim, it is important to be aware that there can be a lot of current in the river, so be careful. More information and the opportunity to apply for membership can be found at Bø Badstue Forening's group on Facebook. Vaskarbergja is located on the west side of the river, a few hundred meters walk from Gåråbrua.

Cultural experiences along the Bøelva. Tour map from Midt-Telemark (arcgis.com)

Map, the culture path along Bø-river

Map showing the culture path along the Bø-river (arcgis.com).

3. Starting point: Breisås

Right outside the student accommodation, you have access to a rich hiking area with many blue-marked paths criss-crossing.

Åstjønn: 6km

A popular trip in Breisås is the trip to Åstjønn, which is a twinkling forest star that tempts you to take a dip in the summer, after you have warmed up the around 250 meters of altitude from the student housing. Go up Venåsvegen until it ends at a turning point practiced in Breisås. From here, a forest road goes up, and then a path. Follow the signs to Åstjønn. There are several nice rest areas around Åstjønn.

Åstjønn, Breisås in Bø

Åstjønn. Photo: Heidi Vege / boturlag.no

Håsårudhåtten: 1,6 km

See a map of the Håsårudhatten cultural heritage area here.

Håsårudhåtten is a small wooded area with a cultural heritage field that is located furthest down in Breisås. From the top parking lot at the student accommodation, walk along the old Bordvegen south for about 500 meters until you reach the cultural heritage trail "Spinnehjulet" with a burial ground, coal mine, coal pits and old roads.

Read more about the cultural heritage field at Bø Turlag.

Håsårudhatten, Bø

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Borrow equipment such as skis, skates, helmets, etc. for free at BUA.

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