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By Gitte Olesen Anderberg 26. Sep 2023

Life as a student is so much more than lectures and the library. Get involved in student volunteering to give both yourself and others a bunch of good reasons to look back at your time at university with joy. 

What’s in it for me?  

Good question! The best people to answer this would be the students already engaged in student volunteering. So, that’s exactly what we did when we met you for the gathering in spring 2023. 

What’s the positives in getting involved? 

You guys listed a whole heap of goodies. Cabin trips, parties, allocated office space, break from studies, great deals (cheap beer), a letter of recommendation, career, and various experiences. However, you all agreed that these three are obvious winners - social network, self-development, and new memories.  

1. Social network 

The most important was social network. A clear number 1. The opportunity to get to know and relate to others and make lifelong friends. You used descriptions like “make each other better” and “give to each other”, thus pointing out the core of why social network is so important. In other words, you brought out the feeling of togetherness.

Two students arm in arm inside Campus Vestfold

The social network you get by getting involved in student volunteering is for many the most important reason to bother!

2. Self-development 

Self- development was a good number 2. You mention that through volunteering you get to discover and explore new sides of yourself. You’ll get the opportunity to learn something new and develop in areas that might be completely new to you. You’ll be able to challenge yourself outside your studies, and that has great value.

By working at the bar in Studenthuset, you can learn lots of new skills that you might not otherwise have learned!

3. New memories  

“New memories” is an awesome number 3. You are guaranteed to have many fun and interesting experiences as well as a break from your studies. Quote from yourselves “really fun, hardly ever boring!”

Help create new memories for both yourself and your fellow students through a volunteer position. Remember that YOU can create a memorable buddy week for new students!

The meaning of volunteering

As human beings we’re kind of programmed in a way that it feels extra meaningful to be doing something if it gives back to us. To you guys’ social network, self-development and new memories are the most important aspects of why volunteering is meaningful.

And guys! This is completely spot on with regards to what NTNUI (Norway’s largest student sports team with 20 000 members) has to say about this as well: Social networking is hands down the most important reason to join!

I don't have time to volunteer, did you say?

Yes, we understand that you're busy. You have to attend lectures. You have to keep up and do what it takes to learn what you need to during your studies. In addition, you may have a job on the side that makes it a little easier financially. On top of this, you should raise your hand to volunteer. How many hours do you have in a day to do everything? You simply don't have enough time.

That's why we'd like to remind you that there are many different ways to get involved. Both the size and content of positions vary. For example, there is a big difference between taking on a leadership position in the Student Democracy versus volunteering at the student house a couple of times a month. What they both have in common, however, is that it is a door opener to social interaction and new experiences. If you prefer a more study-related involvement, there are actually many line associations on the various campuses. This allows you to link your studies directly to being involved in student volunteering.

Students are different, with different starting points and opportunities to get involved. But do get in touch with us at SSN, and together we can find something that suits you and your schedule!

A healthy goodie bag

The good news is that pretty much all the aspects listed from student organizations make a healthy goodie bag for your well-being. To be active with others and work towards a common goal will make you feel good.  

So, there’s a great chance you’ll feel better and become a better student if you explore and get involved in student volunteering yourself.

Find associations and organisations to join.

Start and run an association


Jensen, A. (2022) Why do they bother? Motives for volunteering in student sports teams.

Master's thesis in sports science: Lecturer programme in physical education and sports science.

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Gitte Olesen Anderberg

Counsellor student relations

Gitte is an advisor for student relations in SSN's Department for Health Promotion and Prevention.

She is present at Campus Drammen every day to work to ensure that students have a good and meaningful student life. Gitte has extensive work experience in mental health and health promotion. She has a bachelor's degree in health science and a master's degree in public health science, and has previously worked as a counsellor, milieu therapist and supervisor.