Get started with exercise

Mon 16 Jan

You are aware, right? That exercise is good for you in so many ways? Get psychologist and sports enthusiast Magnus´ best advice to get started with training!

Ten good tips for you who want to start working out:

  1. Find an activity you think you might like and try it enough times to give yourself a chance to experience mastery.

  2. Start a little cautiously and have a gradual progression at the beginning if you start with something new.

  3. Establish fixed times for training so that it becomes a routine.

  4. Make binding agreements with friends. In this way, you increase the chances that you will carry out training and at the same time achieve social benefits.

  5. Focus on the benefits of the training, rather than the fact that it is a chore.

  6. Use exercise as a "warm-up" or "break entertainment" in everyday study - it's good for the brain.

  7. Remember that higher stakes usually result in higher gains.

  8. Give yourself small rewards every time you reach a milestone.

  9. If you struggle with motivation: don't sit down on the sofa until you've exercised.

  10. Get out even on days when you have little energy, that's often when you need it the most.

Good luck with the exercise!

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