Group training - different classes

We want to offer group training for all our members. Visit the group training room for an efficient and tough workout session. 

Spinning and strength

30 minutes on the spinning bike and 30 minutes of strength training. We often start on the spinning bike and then do the strength part. Sometimes we switch the order. 
This is 60 efficient minutes for training the whole body. Both muscles and cardio. The strength part varies from circuit training with own body weight, to kettlebell and strength with bar. This class fits everyone. 

Yoga (Sivananda yoga)

Sivananda yoga is a dynamic practice that fits anybody, regardless of age and physique. By the use of sun salutation, and the classic and basic yoga positions, will these classes give you stronger back, straighter posture, better ability to concentrate and flexibility in all muscles and joints. 

We also use yoga breathing techniques which gives better and cleaner lungs, balances the nervous system and giveyou more energy and mental wellness. The yoga class ends with deep relaxation and rest. 

You decide for yourself how physical active you want to exercise. We can help you and regulate the exercise so it fits you and your strength and endurance. 

Staff training

This is the employees own group class. You will have a nice combo between strength and cardio. Remember to bring your spinning shoes. 

Boot Camp

Boot Camp is endurance and strength training for the entire body, focusing on balance, mobility, explosive and functional training. Crossfit inspired workouts sessions and circuit training with good leadership and lots of positive energy makes an effective, varied and fun workout. Suitable for all, the exercises can be adapted both in intensity, weight load and individuality.

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