Welcome to our kindergartens!

The Student Welfare Organisation runs four student kindergartens in South-Eastern Norway: Kongsberg, Porsgrunn, Notodden and Bø. In Vestfold we have a collaboration with Borre student- and sports kindergarten.


At our student kindergartens, it is important for us that your child is seen, heard and taken good care of! This also applies to you as a student.

We can offer:

  • Extended opening hours when required for studies
  • Saturdays/child minding for periods of study
  • Alternative solutions for sick children on exam days
  • Network for students who are parents 
  • Kindergarten places for online studies (pilot project in Notodden)

All the children who attend our kindergartens shall have the opportunity to have a say in how they spend their time at kindergarten, and they shall be met by adults who are willing to listen to them.

Our employees are skilled, experienced and professionally trained. They are dedicated to their job and are committed to providing quality, values and experiences for you and your child. For us, the most important building blocks for a child's well-being, enjoyment and learning at kindergarten are a feeling of security and belonging, and getting to know the other children and kindergarten staff.

Application deadline for main admission is 1 March

For more detailed information and application forms, click on your campus. Parents who are not students may also apply to use for places in our kindergartens.

We admit children to kindergarten continuously throughout the year, provided there are vacancies.