What do I have to clean and tidy?

When you move out of your student accommodation, we want you to leave the premises the same way you found them: emptied for personal items and waste, and cleaned.

Empty and clean

The housing unit must be emptied of any waste and personal inventory/equipment, as well as being clean.

Please read our checklist for cleaning.

If you do not clean according to the checklist, and have it approved by one of our employees, we unfortunately must charge you with a fee for having it cleaned by an agency*.

Information on e-mail before you move out

Two weeks before you move out, you will receive information with reminders regarding the important tasks you need to do

Also, a reminder will be sent out two days before your moving day, where you need to confirm that you have completed all the tasks you are responsible for. 

Private energy subscription?

SSN carries out the final check of the electricity meter, if applicable. Remember that you are responsible for your own electricity subscription until the last day of your contract, even if you are moving out on an earlier date. 

If you have any questions regarding the moving process, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected] 

Remember to return your key/keycard when moving out!

*Fee for insufficient cleaning is per 1 February 2021 as follows:

- For complete cleaning of an apartment: 2800 NOK
- For complete cleaning of dormitory with associated kitchen / bathroom: 1700 NOK
- For washing that is limited to a "last finish", and washing has not been reviewed and approved: 600 NOK

If your dormitory/apartment is very dirty, for example if rubbish is left behind, the stove need extra washing etc., you will be charged with an additional fee.