Get cashback in the canteen!

Fri 15 Oct

As a student, you already get student prices in the eateries, but did you know that you can also get cashback on the food you buy?!

Download the Student Sørøst app and get Student Bonus

All you need is to download the Student Southeast app, and create a user account. Then all you need is to remember to scan your QR code (in the app) at checkout when you buy food. All food and drinks made in the eatry generates a bonus, and will automatically give you cashback in the app.

Get your student status approved

Remember to enter your telephone number, which must be the same number with which you are registered with USN, so that you can have your status as a student approved. You do this when you register your user account, or later under Profile settings in the app.

You will now have both Student bonus AND coupons in the app!

You can use your bonus on whatever you want in all SSN's 13 canteens and cafés.

Read more about terms and use of student bonuses.