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Fri 04 Nov
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Did you know that the chairman of SSN's board is a student? Reidar Skoglund-Jørgensen has now started his second year as chairman.

Re-elected as chairman of SSN

He has been re-elected as chairman of SSN, and is now busy with a new board term. Reidar lives in Tjølling and is taking a Master of Business Administration in accounting and auditing at USN.

We have had a chat with Reidar to hear how the last year has been and what he thinks is important going forward.

Reidar Skoglund Jørgensen, chairman of the board in SSN
Board Members

SSN's board consists of students, employees of SSN and employees of USN. Reidar Skoglund-Jørgensen is chairman of the board.

How has the past year been, and what has surprised you the most?

– The first year has been exciting and very educational. I have gained much more knowledge and insight into everything SSN works with - and it is so much more complex than I had imagined. Concrete and perhaps "simple wishes" from the students must be assessed in a holistic perspective, and we must make choices that also benefit SSN - and thus the students - in the long term. Wishes from the students that can be perceived as relatively "easy" to fulfill must be weighed against what is best for all of the students - both today and in the future.

– It has also surprised me how complex and time-consuming a building process can be and all the bureaucracy that comes with it and how heavy this system can be at times. It really isn't "just building some new housing"!

What do you think is important if one is to sit on the board of SSN?

– You should have one or more subjects that you are passionate about, be able to look up and try to see the big picture and have a little patience - not everything goes as quickly as you would like.

What matters are you particularly concerned about, and what is important for the board in the near future?

- Housing and housing construction. I am very concerned that changes must be made and arrangements made to make it easier to get started with housing projects, here political work must be done.

- Mental health is also important both now and in the future, especially in light of the SHoT survey. After several years of the pandemic, there are many students who have either not had the best start to student life with upper secondary education at home school, or they have not had the start to student life that they should have had. Many are still injured, and we must accept the consequences. It is great that we have the counselling service and, not least, the investment in health promotion work is very important.

SSN Health is split in two:

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- I am also excited about the new strategy. The sustainability pledge that is being made now is something that both the board and I are genuinely concerned about and, in addition, a lot of exciting things are constantly happening on the technology front.

Finally - is there anything you would like to add?

- Yes, I just have to say that I am very proud of the organisation of which I am chairman! I have also seen how the employees have been flexible and positive throughout the pandemic, it is admirable how the employees of SSN have kept going strong.

SSN's board.