Ethical guidelines

1. Purpose

1.1 Guidelines regulate the use of your own computer when connected to the University of South-Eastern Norway's (USN) network via a wired / wireless connection from one of the USN facilities to student accommodation.

1.2 The Internet is provided primarily to the students for educational purposes. This means that SSN cannot guarantee all non-academic activity in student accommodation.

2. Who can get a connection?

2.1 Only students at USN are allowed to use the student accommodation online network. See requirements / conditions in the USN's IT regulations and UNINETT's ethical guidelines.

3. IP numbers and equipment

3.1 USN uses DHCP for distribution of IP numbers. It is not permitted to use any other IP number.

3.2 It is not permitted to connect hubs/routers to the student accommodation network.

3.3 Only use certified network cables (use only TP cables, do not use
telephone/ISDN cables or home-made cables).

4. Responsibility

4.1 Students must share the bandwidth. The data network is not for you individually but must be shared with all residents.

4.2 Computers connected to the student accommodation network are not accessible from other computers outside the network.

4.3 It is not permitted to use the student accommodation IT network to make any defamatory or insulting statements, distribute pornography, or otherwise conduct or participate in actions that are in conflict with Norwegian law.

4.4 All students are obliged to install antivirus software on their computers, and update it frequently, for example once a week.

5. Sanctions

5.1 Violation of the rules may result in blocked access and suspension from the use of SSN's data network for up to six months.

5.2 Repeated violations of the rules will result in permanent blocked access.

5.3 Serious violations may result in permanent blocked access and suspension from the network on the date of the first violation of the rules.

5.4 In serious cases, the administrator can if necessary close down the entire computer network for a period or permanently.

6. Upgrades/Improvements

6.1 SSN reserves the right to close the computer network for periods of time for upgrades or improvements.

UNINETT's ethical guidelines for the use of the network.