Moving out? Remember to return your key/key card!

All keys/key cards must be returned by 10.00 to your local SSN service centre on the last day of your tenancy agreement. Outside opening hours you can return your keys at key drop off points.


Time for moving out

The deadline for returning your key is at 10.00 on the last day of your contract. The accommodation must be ready for handover (emptied, cleared and cleaned).

We remind you that you are obliged to pay until your lease runs out, even if you have moved out earlier (pursuant to section 5.4 in the tenancy agreement).

NB! If the keys are not returned by 10.00 on the last day of your tenancy agreement, the cylinder must be replaced and the tenant will be charged for this, as well as a fee for loss of your key. If you have one or more key cards, these must also be returned to us when moving out. If your key card is not returned to us, a fee will be issued. See the price list. 

Where to return my keys?

Keys/key cards can be returned to our service centres during our opening hours. Outside of opening hours or if the last day of your tenancy is at the weekend or in the holidays, please use our drop off points, listed below. NB! All keys delivered in our drop off points must be placed in a clearly marked envelope with your name. Key drop off points are located as follows:

Campus Bø

Campus Bø Studenthousing: By the main-entrance in building 28 (ground floor).
Grivi: Janitors office in the hall by the mailboxes.
Breisås: By the end wall of SSN's maintenance building at Breisås 1.

Campus Drammen

Moov In: Marked dropbox by the mailboxes.
Øvre Sund: Marked dropbox by the mailboxes at Tutus, Domi and Unitas.

Campus Kongsberg

Papillon: Marked drop off point by the mailboxes.
Kirkegata: Marked drop off point by the main entrance to the student accommodation.
Vestsiden: By message board in the hallway in Silva.

Campus Notodden

Høgås: Letter box by the door to the maintenance building.
Sætre: Marked drop off point by the mailboxes.
Campus Notodden: Marked drop off point on the door on the right for the main entrance.

Campus Porsgrunn

The letter box at the janitor's office at Jotunveien 20. 
The mailbox marked "drop box" hanging in the laundry room in Campus Kjølnes.

Campus Rauland

Please contact Mr Bjørgulf Askvik on +47 905 21 349.

Campus Ringerike

Marked drop off points by the mailboxes at the Luna building.

Campus Vestfold

Campus Vestfold Student accommodation: Marked drop off point in the laundry room on the ground floor in the Delta building.
Faun & Klokkergården: Letter box by the technical room in the basement in Myra.
Åsgårdstrand: Letterbox by the janitor's room located between Madonna and Pikene på broen.
Kaldnes Brygge: Letter box to the janitor's room on the ground floor.
Fagerlund: Letter box in the laundry room.