Breakfast is good for you

Thu 17 Nov
Mat og drikke/Brødmat/nettbilde-horisontalt_xeokly

Give your brain the best start to the day with a good breakfast! Now you get a triple student bonus on our breakfast deal in the canteen 🥪☕️🥛

Better memory with breakfast

Scholars debate the effects of breakfast. Some of us are not hungry at all when we get up. BUT studies on school classes that had breakfast at school show that the breakfast eaters have better intellectual functions, remember better, are more precise and have less absenteeism.

Source: NHI

Buy a breakfast deal and get a triple bonus!

The exams are approaching, and for many, everything suddenly became quite stressful! If you didn't have breakfast before you left home, you can always stop by the canteen on campus. Here you will find a breakfast deal with a sandwich, juice/milk and coffee/tea for only NOK 29.

We serve breakfast every day from the time we open until 10.00. Until 15 December, you also get a triple student bonus when you buy a breakfast deal - that means a 9% bonus!

Find your canteen

Collect student bonus with the app

You do have the Student Sørøst app, right? This is where you earn a student bonus (3%) when you buy food by weight in the canteen. Remember to scan your QR code every time you shop, and your bonus will be registered automatically.

How to use student bonus

At self serviced checkout:

Scan your QR code and enter the food you are going to buy. If you have saved up more than NOK 1, - you will automatically get a choice at checkout, if you want to use Student Bonus. Confirm and your Student Bonus will be deducted from the amount you pay. Pay the remaining amount as usual (if there is any).

At operated checkout:

If you are at a checkout with a cashier, you ask to use the bonus and the cashier confirms the use of the bonus, so that you only pay the remaining amount.

Student bonus can be used on whatever you want in SSN's 13 canteens and cafés

There is no upper or lower limit on which purchases provide student bonus. Your bonus is available immediately after the completed purchase, and can be used from the next purchase as long as it has exceeded NOK 1. You also receive student bonus on purchases that are paid in full or in part with bonus kroner.

Read more about Student bonus.

  • If you have purchased Kaffekort, you will find your QR code under the QR icon and then "Loyalty cards" in the bottom menu on the home screen.
    How to buy Coffee card.

  • If you have received a coupon, you will find your QR code on the individual coupon under the QR icon and then "Coupons" in the bottom menu on the app's home screen.

NB. To get coupons and buy the Coffee card, you must be a student and have set student status under your profile settings in the app.

How to set student status in the app.

Read more about the student bonus here.