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How can we save electricity in our student housing?

In February, we are focusing on energy-saving! Learn about what YOU can do, see what we already do and join our competition where you can win NOK 10,000!

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Resident permit bank account for international students

SSN offers a Norwegian bank account for international students who are waiting for their resident permit / study permit.

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Good for you!

Good for you is an interdisciplinary SSN concept that will help promote physical, mental and social student health.

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Apply as early as possible!

There is no deadline for applying, but we recommend that you apply for accommodation as soon you have applied for admission at an educational institution associated with the University of South-Eastern Norway, the Norwegian Police University College in Stavern, the technical school Tinius Olsen or Folkeuniversitetet in South-East Norway. This is in order to enter the waiting list as early as possible.

Applications sent during term will be processed as they come in, and accommodation units that have been vacated will be offered to others as soon as they are ready.

In August, we normally do not have any vacant units, but throughout the months of June and July, many residents move out. If you apply for housing and enter a date for moving in during one of these months, you are more likely to receive your preferred unit.

This is how you apply for student housing.

If you are already a resident with us and want to change units, you are on the top of our priority list throughout the year except term start (January and August).

You will find information about the network connection in your student housing by clicking into the correct property (where you live) under Our student housing. Scroll to Internet in the list.

In the event of connection problems, you can restart the router yourself.

Still no internet-connection? Our Technology department can assist you, send in your support inquiry via our contact form.

Semester fee = Valid student ID

The semester fee is a statutory fee for all students who register for the exam. It helps to cover the operation of the student organization and any expenses for copies and transcripts. Once the semester fee has been paid, your student ID is valid.

It is the educational institution you belong to, that collects and registers the payment of the semester fee. If you are having questions regarding payment, deadlines or need a confirmation of your payment and the registration of you as a student, please contact your campus, not SSN.

Deadlines for paying the semester fee:

  • 1 September for fall semester

  • 1 February for spring semester

If you have paid your semester fee and are a student at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), Fagskolen i Viken, Kongsberg, Fagskolen i Vestfold and Telemark or Stavern Police College, you may apply for health expense refunds.

Read more about health reimbursement.

Guidelines for health expense refunds.

Yes. Always take your key card with you when you leave your room! This is due to technical errors that can occur so that you cannot open the door via browser or app. Better to be safe than sorry :)

Locked yourself out of the room?

Find something to do in the Sørøst-calendar

The Sørøst calendar collects events for students in South-East Norway. You can also register your own events!

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