Semester fee

The semester fee is a legally required fee that all students at the University of South-East Norway must pay.

The fee shall cover some of the costs of the Student Welfare Organisation's services (SSN). The semester fee from 1 January 2019 is NOK 550 per semester. In addition to this, there is a copy and print fee and a voluntary fee, which makes the total sum NOK 929. The semester fee is valuated every semester and can change.

The semester fee is used to cover e.g.:

  • Operation of SSN Health, the counselling service
  • Medical expense refunds
  • Membership of the National Union of Students in Norway (NSO in Norwegian)
  • Funds for student organisations
  • Funds for student accommodation
  • Funds for sports facilities and sports services
  • Funds for cultural events

USN are responsible for collecting and registering the semester fee

It is the educational institution you belong to, that collects and registers the payment of the semester fee. If you are having questions regarding payment, deadlines or need a confirmation of your payment and the registration of you as a student, please contact your campus, not SSN.

Deadlines for paying the semester fee:

  • 1 September for fall semester
  • 1 February for spring semester

Are you having any questions regarding your payment? Contact USNs service office at your campus:

You can read more about the semester fee on USN's website