Who are we?

SSN is the Student Welfare Organisation of Southeast Norway, and we offer services to students at different campuses in this region. Our main task is to provide safety and wellbeing during life as a student.


If you are a student at one of the eight campuses associated with the University of South-East Norway, the technical school Tinius Olsen in Kongsberg, the Norwegian Police University College in Stavern or Fagskolen Vestfold og Telemark, and have paid your semester fee, you are welcome to make use of our welfare benefits and services.

The semester fee partly finances our services, which are:

We have no owner who will take a dividend on the profit we make. Our profit goes directly back to providing better services to the students. That's why we say that our profit goes back to you!

Our values

SSN's core values are safety, enthusiasm and enterprise, clearly stating what students can expect of us and what we at SSN can expect of each other. The three values are interconnected, with safety as the fundamental value, allowing for enthusiasm to grow and giving us the power to be enterprising and take action.

A statutory organisation

The Student Welfare Organisation of Southeast Norway (SSN) is governed by the Student Welfare Organisation Act. This piece of legislation, with regulations, makes it clear that the student welfare organisation's responsibility is to provide welfare services to the students at educational institutions. 

SSN aims to contribute towards making every student's time at educational institutions in Southeast Norway a positive experience. We do so by offering student accommodation, student cafés, places for the students' children at kindergarten, student counselling and services/courses to help you feel like you're mastering your course.  We have an active collaboration with the University regarding educational issues.

The Student Welfare Organisation cooperates closely with the University of South-Eastern Norway. Both have a common interest in allowing the students to have a good and meaningful experience of both academic life and life outside of studies.