Sætre Notodden

Price from kr 4110,-

Sætre student accommodation was built in 1993 and later fully renovated in the spring of 2018. The accommodation is around a five-minute walk from campus.

NB! The units have been styled for photography. Interior details and decorations are not included.

About the buildings:

In the spring of 2018, all interior walls were painted in light colours, and the flooring and some windows were replaced. On the first floor, all four single units have a private, newly refurbished bathroom. On the ground floor, two residents share a bathroom, which has been rehabilitated. We renovated the kitchens on both floors and changed the curtains and most of the furniture in the single units and kitchens. Each resident now has their own fridge with a small freezer. The kitchens on both floors have a dishwasher.

At Sætre, there are a total of 60 single units in seven houses with eight single units in each house (24G has 12 single units). The units on the first floor are 15.3 m2 including private bathroom. The units on the ground floor are 12.1 m2. There is also a common room. Four students share a kitchen on each floor.

  • +Equipment
  • +Location
  • +Mail
  • +Outdoor area
  • +Parking
  • +Shared laundry room
  • +Storage
  • +TV
  • +Transport


Sætre A-hus

Building with 8 rooms. 2 floors

Sætre B-hus

Building with 8 rooms. 2 floors

Sætre C-hus

Building with 8 rooms. 2 with Handicapstandard. 2 floors

Sætre D-hus

Building with 8 rooms. 2 floors

Sætre E-hus

Building with 8 rooms. 2 floors

Sætre F-hus

Building with 8 rooms. 2 floors

Sætre G-hus

Building with 8 rooms and 2 doublets. 2 floors