Where do I get the key?

Hurray! Your own key to your own home! You will pick up the key to your student housing at your local service office on campus. Remember to pick it up within fourteen days from the start of the contract.

Key retrieval during corona time:

Important when retrieving your key: Remember to keep your distance and take the necessary precautions when you visit us!

NB! If you are in quarantine or have symptoms of Covid-19, please do not come by the service office. 

Contact us at [email protected] or call us on +47 31 00 90 00, and we will find an alternative solution for handing over your key.

How to pick up your key:

1. Visit your local service centre:

When moving in, you can get your key from 13.00 on the first day of the contract. On the first days of the contracts, offices usually close at 14.00.

You can pick up your key on a different day than on the first day of the contract, but it must be picked up within our opening hours and within fourteen (14) days after the start of the contract.

Find your local service office.
Our opening hours.

If your first day of contract is on a weekend or on a public holiday, you can get your key the next working day at 13.00. It's not possible to move in between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day, and during the week before Easter Sunday.


The first invoice has to be paid before picking up your key. It takes approximately 2-3 days before payment is registered in our system. Please bring a receipt when picking up the key if you paid the first invoice just a few days before moving in.

2. Lock yourself in via your mobile!

If you arrive at your new student residence outside our opening hours, you can lock yourself in via "My page" and "My key card". This applies to all our student housing buildings except Notodden, Rauland, Porsgrunn, Breisås and Grivi in Bø, Klokkergården and Åsgårdstrand in Vestfold. The key card function is activated on your "My page" from 1pm on the day your contract starts.

Stop by the service office as soon as you can to pick up key card. We recommend that you always bring a key card when you leave your student housing. Unlocking the door from "My page" will not work if for instance the internet fails in the student housings building.

3. Someone you know can pick it up for you:

They will need an authorisation from you, or you may send us an email with the person’s name.

Picking up the key later?

Please notify us if you are not able to pick up your key within fourteen (14) days after the contract date.

If we do not hear from you, we may terminate the contract and offer the accommodation to someone else.