Health services, Ringerike

If you become ill, there are several ways you can get help.

In the event of acute serious illness

Call the emergency number

Number:  113

If you need urgent medical help

116 117

Ringerike public emergency room /Legevakt

Arnold Dybjordsvei 1, 3511 Hønefoss
Phone: +47 32 11 11 11

Ringerike Medical Centre/ Medisinske Senter 

Kartverksveien 9,
3511 Hønefoss
Phone: +47 32 17 91 50

Medical assistance for international students in Ringerike

International students may use GP services in the host municipality of Ringerike. Read more about GP on Helsenorge.

How to get an appointment?

International students can get an appointment with the GP in one of three ways: 
1.    By contacting a GP in the city and asking for an appointment. 
2.    By contacting the municipality of Ringerike, who will help you to find a GP who can offer a consultation. 
3.    If urgent medical attention is required: Contact the emergency care unit (116 117) or call 113 if it is critical.

Students from EU/EEA countries or Switzerland:

Students from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland are entitled to necessary medical attention at treatment locations associated with the public health service. Upon presentation of a European Health Insurance Card they will be charged the same amount as Norwegians pay for the same health service. 

Students from countries outside the EU/EEA:

Students from countries outside the EU/EEA are not entitled to coverage for costs of medical treatment from the Norwegian National Insurance scheme and are not entitled to get their medical expences compensated. Students in this category must pay the excess/fee when using GP services in accordance with the standard tariff for patients not covered by the National Insurance scheme for each appointment/consultation.

Additional services such as taking blood samples or other medical procedures/tests are not included in this example. Students from outside the EU/EEA must pay the full cost of GP visits and seek a refund from their private travel insurance policy.

Mental health and substance abuse

Hjelp til hjelp

Website in Norwegian with a list of mental health services and courses in Ringerike.

Fontenehuset Hønefoss young adults 

St Olavs gate 5,
3510 Hønefoss
Phone: +47 32 12 66 10

Fontenehuset is a service for anyone who has or has had psychological challenges, and is based on a desire to work and/or participate in a social community. You can also find a place to study at Fontenehuset's work and study centre.

Ringerike municipality 

Department for health and substance abuse (free service for detox from cannabis)
Storgata 13 B,
3510 Hønefoss
Phone: +47 409 24 471/ 409 09 704

Mental health and intoxication
Here you will find an overview of different services and activities that the municipality offers. 

Mental Health Helpline 

24-hour phone: 116 123 

Do you need any other help?

Youth health clinic (16 to 23 year olds)

Storgaten 13,
3510 Hønefoss
Phone: +47 32 11 75 75