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Need someone to talk to? Book your first appointment via the appointment button below. If you are already using our conversational therapy service, you will receive new appointments continuously from your therapist / psychologist.


Booking of appointment:

  • Online booking via the appointment button applies to NEW students to the offer only (ie if you do not already use this service).
  • The first session is a short talk to clarify the need for help and the way forward. You will not necessarily continue to have conversations with the person you had the first session with.
  • New sessions are set up continuously as needed (you do not need to book another appointment after the first session).
  • You will receive an SMS confirmation when the appointment is booked, as well as a new SMS in advance of the appointment, with a reminder of your appointment.

Already using the conversational therapy service?

  • If you are already using this service, and have not set up a new appointment for various reasons, call your therapist to schedule a new appointment when needed.
  • If you are a former user of this service and want to start up again, call the therapist/psychologist you were attended by before.

Cancellation of appointment:

Book appointment

NB! Online booking is available ONLY to students who are new to the service. 

Due to the pandemic we now offer most conversations digitally, but we also offer "walk and talk" sessions after the first session. "Walk and talk" means that you and your therapist take the conversation outdoors, and this is agreed after your first session. Tried it before? It's worth a try! 

Kristina FjeldheimKristina Fjeldheim, psychologist

+47 31 00 83 10

Office: C104

Kristina is a qualified psychologist and has many years of experience with therapy for young adults and adults, both individual and in groups. She has been working with different types of mental problems, like anxiety, depression, self-esteem problems, relation difficulties, stress related problems and lifestyle issues. 

Katarina Poleszynski foto: Heidi KortnerKatarina Poleszynski, therapist

+47 31 00 84 83

Office: E105

Katarina has a master’s degree in psychology. She has broad experience in both counselling and talk therapy on issues related to mental and physical health. Katarina is especially interested in how transitional challenges and adversities in life shape us as adults, and the impact our relationship to ourselves and others have on our quality of life.

Unni Stensland, samtaleterapeut
Unni Stensrud, therapist


Unni is available for digital sessions.

Unni is a socionom with extended training in family therapy and cognitive therapy and has years of experience as a therapist.


The conversational therapy offer is available digitally, either by video or telephone. You will be contacted at the time of the appointment. Make an agreement with your therapist / psychologist directly.

If you arrive at a closed door with the therapist / psychologist, you can leave your telephone number with the service consultant in the SSN service office and you will receive a phonecall from us.