SSN Health, Rauland

Need someone to talk to? Book your first appointment via the appointment button below. If you are already using our conversational therapy service, you will receive new appointments continuously from your therapist / psychologist. We also offer drop-in conversations.

Booking of appointment:

  • Online booking via the appointment button applies to NEW students to the offer only (ie if you do not already use our health service or it has been many months since you last did).
  • The first session is a short talk to clarify the need for help and the way forward. You will not necessarily continue to have conversations with the person you had the first session with.
  • New sessions are set up continuously as needed (you do not need to book another appointment after the first session).
  • You will receive an SMS confirmation when the appointment is booked, as well as a new SMS in advance of the appointment, with a reminder of your appointment.

Already using the conversational therapy service?

  • If you are already using this service, and have not set up a new appointment for various reasons, call your therapist to schedule a new appointment when needed.
  • If you are a former user of this service and want to start up again, call the therapist/psychologist you were attended by before. You find the phone number next to your therapist underneath.


SSN Health now offers drop-in talks on phone every afternoon Monday-Thursday from 12-12.30pm. Phone numbers can be found next to the picture of the therapists below.

If you have an urgent need for help, you must call 113, the emergency room 116117 or your GP.

Cancellation of appointment:

NB! Online booking is available ONLY to students who are new to the service.

Psykolog Thea GrepperødThea Grepperud, psychologist (stand-in)

Digital appointments only

Book appointment

Drop-in (12-12.30pm) on phone, with the possibility to ad video if you wish, Monday-Thursday.

Thea is a qualified psychologist and is temporarily employed at SSN in addition to studying writing at USN. Thea likes to work with everything from small to big challenges and is available for conversations on Wednesdays, as well as Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Lisbeth Weltha foto: Heidi KortnerLisbeth Weltha, Therapist

Tel.: +47 31 00 83 84 

Lisbeth has digital appointments every week, but is also avaliable on campus Rauland on these dates sprin 2021:  22 Apr., 20 May and 10 June.

Drop-in (12-12.30pm) on phone, with the possibility to ad video if you wish, Monday-Thursday.

Lisbeth is a sociologist and cognitive therapist, specialised in substance abuse and addiction problems. Lisbeth has long experience working with young adults, both individually and in groups.






Not satisfied?

We wish to provide the best possible help to you as a student at all times. We therefore greatly appreciate if you contact us if there is something you are not happy with.

Contact our Head of Department, Hanne Bratland: [email protected].

Please do not write personal sensitive information in e-mail. Ask us to call you back instead.