Go for a walk and win prizes throughout April!

Wed 26 Apr

Do you need a little extra push to get out exercising? In that case, April is your month! We reward walks throughout the month with lots of lovely prizes.

Become a little extra motivated by prizes!

Let's celebrate spring together and get out for a walk! You can read more about all the health benefits you get from even a short trip here, but to give you a little extra motivation, we have gathered together a whole bunch of nice prizes which we distribute over three draws.

🏆 See what you can win:

Main draw on May 2:

  • Thule Guidepost backpack 65 L from DNT Vestfold, value NOK 3,000

  • XXL gift card, value NOK 3,000

  • 2 x Gift card XXL, value NOK 1,000

  • Kit from DNT Drammen (touring food, hiking cutlery, hiking cup + Devold hat from DNT Vestfold), approx. value NOK 1,000

  • Devold hat from DNT Vestfold, value NOK 349

  • Drinking bottles, hats and mugs from DNT Telemark.

April 26: Yippee! DNT has delivered more prizes! That means we'll draw even more winners of cool woolen hats, large drinking bottles and mugs during the main draw! 🤩

Salat på tallerken og blid kvinnelig PT

In both intermediate draws you can win gift cards for lunch in the canteen and a PT class from SSN Trening!

Intermediate draw on April 24:

Intermediate draw on April 17:

*If winners are drawn on Campus Rauland or Stavern, there will be alternative prizes to vouchers.

Prizes walking campaign: hat, mug, food, backpack

Here are some of the prizes you might win in the main draw!

How to join the draw?

To join the draw, do the following:

1. Go for a walk! Alone or with someone, short or long, on skis or on foot, with or without lunch and a thermos... you get the picture? The most important thing is that you get to move outdoors. (20-40 minutes is the recommended time you should be active each day). We start fresh every week, so you get new chances to win throughout the month!

2. Report your walks to us! You must fill in a form, where we want you to document the trip with a photo. If we receive some really nice travel photos, we might reward these as well 📸

If you need suggestions for trips near your campus, we have put together a number of suggestions for nice walks here.

Register your walk

The campaign lasts from 1 April to 30 April 2023. The deadline for registering tours is 30 April. Only students associated with SSN can win the prizes.

Thule Guidepost 65 L back pack

One of the main prizes is a THULE Guidepost 65 L in the color Bordeaux, delivered by DNT Vestfold.