We are building new student housing at Rauland

Thu 02 Feb
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When the students at Rauland get 42 new student housing for the start of their studies in 2023, SSN can boast a sky-high degree of coverage in the mountain village.

50% of the students at Rauland can live in student accommodation

Campus Rauland is USN's smallest campus with 145 students. When SSN is now building new dorms and apartments, the coverage rate at Campus Rauland will be among the country's best at a whopping 50%!

Coverage rate at 50% at Campus Rauland:

When we talk about student housing, we count in units, i.e. how many people a dorm/apartment is designed for. An apartment with room for two residents thus counts as two dormitory units.

The existing 20 single units at Rauland will be retained, and increased by 10 couples apartments (counted as 20 units) and 42 dorms. The total number of units will thus be 72 and the number of students at Rauland is 145. Thus, the coverage rate at Campus Rauland will be 49.6%.

Loft at dorm in Rauland Student Housing
Kitchen in dorm, Campus Rauland Student Housing

Space-efficient with a loft on the dormitories! The dormitories are 27 sqm and also have private bathroom and kitchen.

Livingroom with kitchen in dorm at Campus Rauland Student Housing

The dorm has its own bathroom and kitchenette. There is room for a sofa in the living room corner, but the picture is only intended as an illustration and the sofa will not be part of the inventory in the dorms.

Adapted to building practices, with a sustainable twist

– We have focused on adapting the buildings to Rauland. It should not break with the building custom on the site and the strong traditions there, says Lisbeth Varpe, project manager at SSN.

Having said that, the buildings will also be sustainable and modern. The two buildings are being built in Cross Laminated Wood (CLT), as the sixth projects of its kind for SSN. CLT elements are produced at the factory and come ready to the construction site with holes for installations. This minimizes waste on the construction site and saves the local environment. Using wood indoors also creates a good indoor climate.

Birch and pine

The groundwork has been completed and the construction work has started. It has been drilled for geothermal heating and the student housing will be connected to geo-wells. There will also be solar cells on the roof of both buildings and chargers for electric cars in the new car park. There is little doubt that the buildings will be of the greener kind - which is also reflected in the naming. Through a naming competition among the students at Rauland, the two buildings have been named Bjørk and Furu which means Birch and Pine.

Building of Cross Laminated Timber
The bathrooms are being hoisted into the CLT-build at Campus Rauland Student Housing

It is effective to build with elements og Cross Laminated Timber. The "boxes" with yellow plastic around them are the bathrooms!

Drone photo of the building site at Campus Rauland Student Housing

In this drone image, you can really see the proximity to the USN Campus Rauland.
Drone photo: SKORVE Entreprenør AS.

Cozy interior influenced by students' participation

In 2020, there was an innovation process focusing on the living environment in SSN's student housing, where good interior designs were designed by interior architect student Amalie Stokkan Iversen.

The design is focused on clever storage solutions, warm colors and a less "institutional feel" by, for example, replacing floor coverings with laminate with a wooden floor feel. These solutions have already been implemented at Klokkergården in Vestfold, and many of them will also be used at Campus Rauland Student Housing.

Living room in couples apartment at Campus Rauland Student Housing
Living room in couples apartment at Campus Rauland Student Housing

Couch and a small coffee table will be part of the inventory in the couples apartment, but there is also room for a small dining table with chairs (not part of the inventory).

Bedroom in couples apartment

The couples' apartment has a separate bedroom.

Facts about Campus Rauland Student Housing:

  • Construction started during the summer of 2022 and will be completed by the start of term in August 2023.

  • Client: Student Welfare Organisation in South-East Norway. Architect: Code Arkitektur. Contractor: Skorve Entreprenør AS.

  • Two buildings, "Bjørk" and "Furu" are being built in cross laminated timber right next to the University and close to the existing student accommodation.

  • In total we are building 42 new housing units:
    - 10 couple apartments of 29 sqm (adapted for residents with reduced functional abilities).
    - 32 dorms with private kitchen and bathroom, as well as a loft (totaling 27 sqm).

  • There will be a shared laundry for all residents on the first floor of one building.

  • When the new buildings are ready, there will be a total of 72 housing units on Campus Rauland.

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