Students designed the dorm of their dreams

Updated 16. May 2022

And SSN has put the design into practice! Check out the lovely Drømmehybelen at Klokkergården Student Housing in Borre / Vestfold.

Good bye to the white walls

In the middle of the first shutdown of Norway, a student team worked on developing the Dorm of your dreams-concept for SSN. The clever solutions needed to create the concept itself emerged in a user survey among residents in SSN's student housing.

"Dorm of your dreams" was to be realized with these measures:

  • Private bathroom

  • Better storage options

  • Height storage, shoe rack and peg-boards

  • Personalization of the room

  • Warm interior and use of colour

At Klokkergården Student Housing in Vestfold, SSN was to start an extensive renovation project, and it was therefore natural to implement the "Dorm of your dreams" here. Two years after the first sketches for the new dorm concept were made, the Dorm of your dreams is a reality in the Kårstua building at Klokkergården Student Housing. Check out how nice it has become!

Living room at dorm in Klokkergården, Borre

The walls have been given a warm beige color and the wooden structure in the floor gives extra warmth to the room. Gray cabinets for clothes / storage match the kitchen decor.

Custom made peg-boards

You might be wondering what a peg board is? It is simply a plate with pegs (pegs) that are used to put shelves on (or you can drop the shelves and hang things directly on the pegs).

The super-cool peg boards at the Dorm of your dreams at Kårstua are made of the natural materials pine and OSB boards, and are produced especially for SSN's student dorms. The shelf solution makes it easy for every resident to put their personal touch to their room. At the same time it is a practical storage piece of furniture. In addition, it is an eye-catcher in itself!

Shelf with plant at Kårstua, Klokkergården Student Housing in Vestfold

A peg-board is flexible, and the shelves can be moved and placed in the formation you like.

Desk and peg board in dorm
Peg board in dorm

There is a desk, a good chair and a bookshelf in all units in SSN's student housing. Peg-boards (the shelf solution in natural wood) are part of the Drømmehybelen concept 🤩

See the fantastic communal house at Klokkergården in Vestfold!

Private kitchen and bathroom

The vast majority of students want their own bathroom, some prefer to share a kitchen in a collective, while others prefer a private kitchen. In Klokkergården's small house buildings, it made sense to arrange for private kitchens in the renovated dormitories. The kitchen has a dishwasher, refrigerator under the bench, modern induction hob and oven.

Kitchen in dorm at Kårstua, Klokkergården Student housing in Vestfold
Kitchen at Kårstua, Klokkergården Student Housing
Induction plate

Modern kitchen with induction hob, dishwasher and refrigerator under the oven.

Bathroom at Kårstua, Klokkergården Student housing in Vestfold
Shower in bathroom at Kårstua, Klokkergården Student Housing in Vestfold

The tiled bathroom contains exactly what you need! Shower, toilet and sink with mirror;)

Cool clothes rack

The cool clothes rack is like the shelf solutions made especially for the student housing. This practical piece of furniture also adds personality and an extra finishing touch. Here, residents can use s-hooks and hangers and vary the hanging of outerwear, accessories and, for example, hanging baskets for storage.

Shelf for shoes, Klokkergården Student Housing in Vestfold Clothes rack made of iron Clothes from USN / Brage Bookstore

Students created "The place to be" and "Dorm of your dreams"

In 2020, SSN involved a student team in a comprehensive innovation process to map WHAT the students themselves want from both the common rooms and the dormitories in our student housing.

Out of this innovation project came two concrete housing concepts, "The place to be" (the ultimate common room) and "The dream dorm room". In addition, a new micro-service will soon be launched in the Student Sørøst app, which is specially designed to increase well-being in SSN's student housing.

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