Get free snacks from the SSN "Trivselstralle"!

Wed 11 May

Coffee, sweet drinks, energy bars, lollipops and stress balls come your way in the middle of the exam rush! Take a break <3

Check out when Trivselstralla is coming your way:

  • Kongsberg 16 May, ca 1.30 pm

  • Ringerike 18 May, ca 11.30 am

  • Vestfold 18 May, ca 1 pm

  • Bø 18 May, ca 1 pm

  • Notodden 18 Mai, ca 1 pm

  • Porsgrunn 19 May ca 1 pm

  • Drammen 20 May, ca 11 am

Find things to to in the Sørøst-calendar

Remember that you will find the schedule for Trivselstralla's arrival in the Sørøst-calendar, as well as a number of other events! The calendar is also available in the Student Sørøst app.

The Sørøst-calendar
Trivselstrall and students in Bø
SSN's Trivselstralle with stress balls, coffee and lollipops
Trivselstralle, students and psychologist at Campus Vestfold

Great atmosphere when the SSN Trivselstralle is out and about!

Cards with advice from SSN Health

We also have some cards from SSN Health with us, with clever tips and advice if you are a little stressed or need to start stopping with procrastination.

Did you know that all "advice cards" from SSN Health is available here?