Goal: The People

Thu 03 Nov
Mat og drikke/Haspa, Kongsberg/Haspa-8420_kv2yxc

We will promote good health, inclusion and quality of life.

Health and quality of life for both students and staff

A population that is in good health is important for sustainable social development, and work in respect of public health is performed where people live and spend time. As a result, we all have to contribute towards social development that promotes health and quality of life. Healthy food, physical activity, a safe environment and good social meeting places are important in allowing both students and employees to make choices that promote health. In addition, we will be working to achieve increased diversity and inclusion, both in student life and in the working environment.

Intermediate goals:

  1. We will help students to make conscious choices that promote health.

  2. We will promote well-being, unity and inclusion among students.

  3. We will work actively to achieve an inclusive and diverse working environment that promotes health.