Goal: The Organisation

Thu 03 Nov
Mat og drikke/Porsgrunn/Porsgrunn-0272_hglwuo

Goal: We will be a responsible, skilled and co-creative organisation.

Healthy, competitive and responsible operations

As a major service provider responsible for managing students’ funds, it is essential to ensure healthy, competitive and responsible business operations.

We will safeguard human and workers’ rights, good environmental standards and responsible business practices throughout our value chain. The people who make up the organisation are absolutely key, and we have to ensure that we possess up-to-date and attractive expertise. Good cooperation with our surroundings is equally important when it comes to achieving sustainable social development.

Intermediate goals for the organisation:

  1. We will have a solid management system and ensure that our purchases and investments are carried out in a responsible manner.

  2. We will communicate openly and honestly, both internally and externally.

  3. We will have the right skills and collaborations right across the board.

  4. We will take the initiative and participate in collaborations in order to accelerate sustainable social development.