Find something to do in the Sørøst-calendar

Fri 12 Aug

The Sørøst-calendar is the students in Southeast Norway's own calendar. Here, anyone can add an event, and everyone can find something to attend.

Find something to do!

The Sørøst-calendar collects everything that happens for students in Southeast Norway. It is easy to filter by campus, date and type of event, so you can find something that suits you. During the semester start, the calendar is packed with events from the student weeks with concerts, speed friending, puzzle races and loads of other fun things to do.

The Sørøst-calendar

Submit your own event in the calendar

Anyone can enter their event in the Sørøst calendar. You do this by pressing "Create event" at the bottom of the calendar.

Your event doesn't have to be big or professional (of course it can be that too ;), it could just as well be an invite for a hike, game night or something else that is fun.

Remember to enter information about yourself as the organizer (fill in the contact information section of the form), so that we can get in touch with you if necessary.

The Sørøst calendar in the Student Sørøst app
Students playing board games

Join in or arrange your own board gaming night.

Enter the event a week in advance

All events are processed manually before they are approved and published in the calendar. It is therefore important that you submit your event with a good time margin, preferably a week before in advance, and no later than two days before it starts.

The Sørøst calendar can of course also be found in the Student Sørøst app!