Check out which activities SSN has supported in 2018-2019!

Four times a year SSN supports student activities and soon this years final deadline is here. By 15 November 2019, it is possible to apply for student funds if you have a good idea!

Søk om studentmidler

 The list in the picture is written in Norwegian, it says (from the top): Student activity? - Yoga? - Green house?- Poledance? (hehe) - Drawing classes?

All time high!

To the previous deadline, which was 15 September 2019, a historical huge amount of applications was admitted. Tonje Berg Furustad in SSN is in charge of the allocation of the support funds, and was thrilled both to receive the great number of applications and impressed by the quality of the applications.

 – 37 applications on student support funds is all time high! The applications was well performed and the applicants are good at following our instructions, where everyone attaches their budget and a description of the project, and most of them fills our criteria for receiving funds, Tonje says.

Out of the 37 applications there was as many as 24 who was allocated a support fund, where most of the activities was repeating and benefiting many students (which is one of the most important allocation criteria). But also single events such as Venture Cup 2019 and Innovation Camps 2019 (both in Bø) was funded, in addition to a long list of already existing activities that also got money to buy different kinds of equipment.

Choir in DrammenThe student choir in Drammen got funding to engage a conductor.

Plenty of good ideas

Are you wondering which of the good ideas that were granted funds on the different campuses? Here you can check out a list of some of the activities that were given money from SSN in 2018 and so far in 2019. Maybe you get a good idea from one of the other campuses, to something you can start at your campus, or maybe you feel the urge to join in on yoga in Bø or volleyball in Porsgrunn:


  • "Kaffekosen"  - meet up with coffee
  • Tennis and outdoor activities
  • Yoga
  • Film club (hosted by Kroa in Bø)


  • Student choir
  • Board games club
  • Drammen film club


  • "Kodesonen" ("The Code Zone")
  • Dancing group
  • "Strikk innom" (Knitting group)
  • Campus cosplay
  • Tacticus board games club


  • Coffeehour


  • USN Football
  • USN Board games club
  • Squeeze underwater rugby
  • Floorball
  • Volleyball


  • Sauna (every Saturday)
  • Weekly studio classes (in music studio)
  • Swimming club
  • Choir
  • Yoga
  • Stargazing club
  • Board games club


  • Film club
  • Knitting club
  • Badminton