Mail and mailboxes

When you relocate, do not forget about your mail! Remember to register your new address, mark your new mailbox with the correct address, give your contacts your new address and then remember to check your mailbox regularly!

Report your relocation to Posten (mail delivery company) before you move into our accommodations. At you can at the same time consent to report the new address to the National Population Register.

Name your mailbox

You can get a name tag from us - name tags can also be ordered on The postal service has a general rule that they don't put mail in unmarked mailboxes.

Mail with incomplete information will be returned. It is therefore important to provide the correct address so your mail reaches you. Remember the name on the building (for buildings with a name) and the room/apartment number.

John Smith 
Sandeveien 3 B, Blekket 11 
3184 Borre

The correct address for your student accommodation is specified both on your tenancy agreement and on our site for student housing.

Check your mailbox

Please note that all residents must check their mailbox for mail. Rent reminders will be sent to the  address we have registered for residents. If you are late paying your rent, you will receive a reminder with a fee (“Varsel/Betalingsvarsel” in Norwegian) from our debt collection company, Intrum Justitia or Sergel. Read more information about guidelines for payment of rent.

If you do not want to receive advertisements and/or free newspapers, you can put a  label saying "Nei takk til gratisavis" or "Nei takk til reklame og gratisavis" on your mailbox (No thanks to advertising). Our service centres have these labels.

Do you have other questions? Check out our FAQ!