How to apply for student housing

As a student affiliated with the Student Welfare Organisation of Southeast Norway, you are entitled to apply for student accommodation with us. Once you have had a look at the accommodation on offer on your campus and decided where you want to live, you can enter a formal application.

Apply now, we offer continuing allocation

You are welcome to apply for student accommodation at any time throughout the year, as we practice continuing allocation, but there are certain periods when it will be easier to get accommodation. In August, we rarely have any available accommodation, but many of our residents move out in June, July and October. If you apply for accommodation and apply to move in on a date in one of these months, you have a better shot of getting the accommodation you want.

If you are already a resident with us and want to change accommodation, your application will be prioritised on the waiting list. It may therefore be a smart move to accept the accommodation you are assigned, and then apply to move to your preferred accommodation.

How to apply for student accommodation with SSN:

  1. To make an application, you must create a user account at My Page.

  2. When you have registered as a user, log in with your user name (same as the email address you registered) and the password you receive by email. You may change your password on My Page when you are logged in.

  3. Choose the type of unit form the side bar: "Apply for a single unit" or "Apply for an apartment". In the category "Single unit", you can also apply for a one-bedroom apartment.

    If you are applying for short-term accommodation in Notodden, you choose "Apply for short-term rent - Notodden".
  4. Choose "Type of resident", i.e. what category of resident you are (for instance, "Student at USN").
  5. Choose "Campus", i.e. the campus where you want to live. You cannot apply for accommodation on two different campuses at the same time, but if you are not accepted to your first choice of studies (where you have also applied for student accommodation), we recommend sending an email to us at [email protected] and asking us to change the campus on your application. Our rental team will then do their best to find you accommodation in the right place, and you will keep your spot on the waiting list.
  6. Once you have chosen "Campus", it is time to choose which student accommodation you prefer. You can enter several preferences on one campus!
  7. Choose "Single unit type" or "Apartment type" or select "No preference" if you do not have any special requirements. You may not apply for a single unit and an apartment at the same time, but feel free to use the "Additional information" field and notify us that you are interested in the alternative you have not selected.
  8. If you wish to be offered available accommodation in your chosen area, even if you have not entered these on your "wish list", you can check the option "I also want other offers".
  9. Fill in additional information such as disabilities, special needs or for example if you want to have accommodation with a specific shared kitchen if you already have friends in the building.
  10. Register your application.
  11. You will receive confirmation of your application as soon as it is registered.

Good luck!

Questions? Check out our Housing FAQ.