Go for a walk in April!

Updated 21. Mar 2024

Join this year's walking campaign! See some of those who went for a walk last year and what they loved about the walks 🌲🥾

Yay, it's April!

Spring is in the air and your sneakers are screaming for air! Grab a quick lunch, a friend, a dog or a podcast and get out there! It doesn't have to be long or tiring, the most important thing is that you get out there.

Why is walking so good for you?

This is how great it is to be outdoors:

This group lived in SSN's student housing and participated in a group trip with SSN.

In the Sørøst calendar, joint trips and activities are posted on the campuses. Check what's happening on your campus and join in!

The Sørøst-calendar

– I had a great experience walking to Hengebru in Bø i Telemark, Norway. I think walking trips are a great way to explore the natural beauty of an area and get some exercise while doing so. It's also great to hear that USN university is promoting walking in April.

– I am new in Notodden and since it's good weather here, i'm doing little hikes everyday to discover the around of Notodden. I really enjoy to know more about where I live.

– I was feeling bored and had a great tour in the woods.

– It was my first time on snowshoes!!! Super exciting! Also so much snow in Rauland, that without snowshoes it’s quite tricksy to go for walks!

– Went to Øvre Svinholtdammen and really enjoyed the walk.

– If you need time for yourself or want to have a nice walk with friends, Breisås forest is just the place.

– I went for a run.. I hope it is okay to enter even though it is not a “walk”. I run very slowly. Beautiful day! The sun was shining and I can’t wait for spring!

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