Signing the contract

Thu 15 Jun

You must sign the contract within three - 3 - days after it is received. You will receive your contract by e-mail.

This is what the contract says about signing:

§ 2 Tenant's acceptance of the agreement

  1. The tenancy agreement has to be accepted and returned to the owner within 3 days. 

  2. lf the tenant fails to meet the acceptance deadline the owner is entitled to let the premises to others.

  3. The tenancy agreement is legally binding when it has been returned to the owner with a valid signature.

  4. First rental payment must be made before the tenant receives the keys to the rented object.

You can sign in the following ways:

  1. Electronic signing with BankID (preferred).

  2. Print out the contract, sign by hand and send by post (if you are unable to sign electronically).

  3. Print the contract, sign, scan and return by email.

Check junk mail

Our communication takes place via email. Check that emails from SSN do not end up in spam, as you may lose important information.

The agreement must be read and approved

A tenancy agreement is a written contract between a landlord and a tenant. The tenancy agreement contains information that the tenant must read and accept before both parties sign the agreement. Once the tenant has signed and consented to the agreement, both parties are bound by the agreement until it expires. The tenant is then liable to the terms of the agreement and must comply with the contents of the agreement. 

Under §1 in your tenancy agreement, you find important information such as the your student housing address and the duration of the tenancy.

Here you can see what an ordinary tenancy agreement consists of.

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